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    Record 6th consecutive Scudetto party here!!!

    Congrats All!! Forza Juve!!
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    The best goal by the worst player

    The video stops before the celebration during which Montero holds his head in disbelief.
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    Paulo Dybala

    Hope it's not, he's going to miss our next 3 matches either ways, we don't want him to be fit just in time for the internationals. Let him take his time and be 100% for next month.
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    Fabio Quagliarella

    It sure is.
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    Fabio Quagliarella

    I still don't get what the big deal is, he didn't celebrate against Napoli even while he was with us. I remember C.Ronaldo holding up his hands in apology when he scored against United.
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    Arturo Vidal

    Your avatar makes browsing Tuz at work painful. :D
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    Julian Draxler - AM LC - Schalke 04

    Was talking about just this years transactions, but yes if we do consider the 7.5mil, a total of 18.5mil for both is amazing. - - - Updated - - - Everyone's world except yours, adding 24mil will also get you David Luiz
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    Julian Draxler - AM LC - Schalke 04

    Will you guys stop with this already. We sold half of Berardi for 10mil and can buy him back for 18mil which works out to 8mil. Zaza+ Berardi = 26mil. Which is a great deal. How you want to break it up is upto you. 20+6 or 12+14 or 13+13... Sassuolo aren't stupid to sell Berardi for 8Mil...
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    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-3 Barcelona (June 6th, 2015)

    Forza juveeeeeee!
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    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-3 Barcelona (June 6th, 2015)

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    Capitano Giorgio Chiellini

    2:50 Speed ain't the issue here, Never played on the left side of a 2 man defense recently let alone vs Messi and Suarez and of course his fitness is an issue as he has recovered just 60 hrs before the match.
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    Massimiliano Allegri

    :lol: I'm sure he would be telling anyone who would listen that some of the credit goes to him since Morata is a part of the team due to his insistance. :D
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    [Serie A] Sampdoria 0-1 Juventus (May 2nd, 2015)

    #33 :flag4::flag2::flag3::theflag::bigscarf::scarf:
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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 2-1 ToriNO (November 30th 2014)