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    Paulo Dybala

    what you think please discuss
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    Aaron Ramsey - CM/AM - Arsenal

    Yes, Pjanic is the Vucinic of midfield. But then again Vucinic is the Knezevic of attack who in turn is the Krasic of defence. what you think please discuss
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    Messi vs C.Ronaldo

    I agree. thank you @Marc.
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    Favorite Athletes Overall

    Georges St. Pierre Frankie Edgar Khabib Nurmagomedov what you think please discuss
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    The Official MMA Thread

    What if I told you the guy with Juventus shirt was none other than AbuGadanzieri. I got the shirt signed by Joanna before the weigh ins. She is a Juventina and she was absolutely thrilled to see the Juve shirt.
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    Alvaro Morata

    Thank you
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    Antonio Conte

    @Osman @Bianconero_Aus @Gep Thank you everyone for remembering AbuGadanzieri. AbuGadanzieri are always impressed by your intelligent yet clever comments and they would be glad to confer their knowledge upon you. As you know, typically AbuGadanzieri prefer to respond to any comments by...
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    The Official MMA Thread

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    [ITA] Serie A 2015/2016

    Accualy is dolan
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    The Official MMA Thread

    MUST WATCH min 7m15s According to Nate Diaz, people in America don't know what gazelle means :lol:
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    [ENG] Premier League 2015/2016

    Thanks my friend.
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    [ITA] Serie A 2015/2016

    what you think please discuss Catania match-fixing arrests By Football Italia staff Seven arrest warrants have reportedly been issued to Catania executives, including their President, due to allegations of match fixing...
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    Antonio Conte

    Then I hope he remembers when FIGC banned him from coaching on matchday two seasons ago or is he willing to let that slide. what you think please discuss
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    Mirko Vučinić

    He Plays for Al Jazira Football Club from Abu Dhabi and that is the United Arab Emirates flag and not Palestine. what you think please discuss