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  • Nothing, just sad that he's the second best player in the history of your country! :D
    It's not a problem that you're no expert. The fact that you forget about the league is though. :D
    Hey, how are you?

    Sorry for the CL Final m8, I was hoping juventus to win but it didn't work, but there will be another chance to win the CL
    your words: "still I don't think Brazil will do it now, so be prepared for a WC FINAL DUUUDE!!" and then you said : "And no I can't see the future unfortunately" but you can see in the future, you proved it now :P Just tell me that we are going to win this now against argentina pleasseee :D

    Mexico will come back stronger, I'm sure about that and you must feel good after holland exit yesterday I believe :D
    yes you are right, müller is really a weird and unpredictable player, which makes him special :D.

    "Now comes the sad part where we do an amazing match against the Netherlands and still get kicked out " this were your words.why you worte this :(you could see in the future I guess? but really respect for mexico playing great and were so unlucky in the end. In my opnion that was no penalty in the end, but you know robben loves that kind of situation inside the box, really unlucky for your team

    damn we really fucked up against algery, indeed we were lucky that they couldn't score and make use of that chances they had.... Neuer was our best player, when your goalkeeper is the best player on the pitch you know there something wrong with your team

    I dont look forward to that game against france, if we continue to play that bad, we will get eliminated form this world cup....because france have the players, who can convert that chances into goals... really scary thought to be honest.
    nice to hear m8 :D now enjoy your free time and start watching mexico :weee: gongratz for becoming second after brazil in that hard group :D

    I'm fine, bit work to do, but everything okay :D germany still need to beat usa :S... I hope they dont fail
    thanks men everything all right :D

    But I hope you stay focus in the college :P how long do you need to complete your examination?
    hey m8,

    As I can see you are really busy, but I hope you can progressn in school :)

    I'm fine, thanks, do you watch all juve games during this month?
    Haha, thanks :D I didn't make it though, piotrr did. I only came up with the idea.
    Yeah Frankfurt is a nice city indeed, it's the business city of german, all big banks there. But pleasseee also visit munich the heart of german football, city of bayern :heart: really nice beer, you wont regret :P

    as for netherlands I can tell you to visit Amsterdam, really beautiful and pulsating city :agree:

    I think you must visit Turin, no excuses :D
    hehe I believe most germans visit Cancun in Mexico, go there and you will find some :P

    Cool, when you gonna travel to germany? and which places you wanna see?
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