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  • Gonzalez? His parents are from Mexico. So playing at Azteca was huge for him.

    He was supposed to make his debut a couple years ago, but he tore his acl. He's rebounded well IMO. He and Bessler (the other cb) looked really good.
    Vela would be great. Too bad he pissed the NT off.

    I think you guys will rebound. Just have to play to your strengths.
    Hell yea! He's been one of my fave players for a long time. But after he joined Juve he instantly became my number 1 fave. :)
    Pasion, everything about it, destructive and sentimental, be it fans or players. Try to go to one of their games at the stadium, you'll understand
    promising obviously, played really well in u20 tourney was dubbed the next messi, i will follow him more now that hes gonna play for riBer
    haha. dude, I was watching it when Chivas was up 0-1 but I had to leave to go play indoor. thanks for letting me know the score! :)
    Battle For The Sun is a really good album...but it took me 3 years to actually listen it through. :D

    I'm from Finland, live in the suburbs of Helsinki (our Capital)...I work downtown mostly though. So no great beaches, sunshine and girls in bikini for me. If you want to hear some dope Finnish music you should download Disco Ensemble's newest album, Warriors. You just might like it, no other good bands in here. :D
    Are you from Cancun or what? I can smell texmex already. :D

    If you like Placebo, This Picture and Kings of Medicine are their best people would listen me. :lol:
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