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    [SERIE A] Week-37- Siena 0 - 3 JUVENTUS (24-May-09)

    i just think without him, juventus deserve a much better back line. its a slap in the face, ranieri didn't have much to work with. Don't worry im not saying this to spur anything on, because our backline is a shambles aswell haha.
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    [SERIE A] Week-37- Siena 0 - 3 JUVENTUS (24-May-09)

    clean sheet with this defence.... hard to see. But you guys have chiellini back this week yeah?
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    Roberto Baggio

    i think people are getting a bit confused of what we are talking about here. we are not saying who is the bigger juventus symbol, because that is clearly del piero. his personality, and class off the field is something that we should all aspire too, to go along with his good football skills, and...
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    What makes a player a Juventus legend?

    CONTE surely :) a great role model for all
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    get used to it. im sure he'll be fine in serie a for another 3 seasons. the pace will decrease but he'll get more fouls.
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    Roberto Baggio

    after all these years seven, you still make me laugh
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    Roberto Baggio

    im BACK x
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    The Mobile Phone Thread!

    i got the 3g phone. dunno what its called, theere all the same. any one got any programs so i can snazz it up a bit hahaha. u cant even change the message tone on this thing!
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    Del Piero vs Vieri

    delpiero over vieri anyday. but the reason why delpiero 'stays and comes back' is because of the power he has got at juve. yes, only now cappello is showing a bit of balls, but throuhout his career alex has always been number 1 pick for lippi and juventus. no matter what. Vieri hasnt ever...
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    well done :)
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    Shirt Azzurri 2006 !!????

    yep. i remember. quite similar. hopefully better this time round tho :agree:
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    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    there is still 22 games left! plus champions league, coppa italia. he'll have his time
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    [Serie A] Inter - Empoli

    they are playing so well
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    [IT] Serie A 2005/06

    gilardino good way to finish off the year. merry christmas black and whites.
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    would maldini consider playing in the world cup?

    he doesnt wanna suffer no more