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    Rocket League

    tired and bored at work...came here to kill the time cause there's something wrong with my pc and i can't go on facebook lawl
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    Rocket League

    Played it a couple of times :beppe:
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    The Official Hip-Hop Thread, Nukkah!

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    Christopher Lee dies at 93

    RIP Saruman
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    Quiz: Guess The Footballer

    Domenico Morfeo
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    Quiz: Guess The Footballer

    he stalks them
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    Tuz Meet Up In Berlin

    Went to Amsterdam twice...and what was indicated on the previous page was basically what I did there (apart from seeing sites high)
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    Quiz: Guess The Footballer

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    Quiz: Guess The Footballer

    Paolo Poggi
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    Gym and fitness

    for the V shape, one of the best things you can do is swimming
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    [Serie A] Roma 1-1 JUVENTUS (March 2nd, 2015)

    Garcia to be sacked after this game
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    Playing Football

    Not that big, Around 9-10 teams I think. I'll pass...feeling cold enough in Malta as it is, I imagine Scotland is just horrible (cold wise) haha
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    Playing Football

    Not too bad I guess, the team is a bit frustrating as a lot of the team either don't pass or else pass very poorly, however my goal to game ratio is still pretty high, something like 6 in 7 games. However I've missed a few games due to injury and being abroad. Next league game is Thursday week...
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    Arturo Vidal

    Last season at this point Arturo had scored 6 in his worst season so far, he is only one behind last season when he was everyone's king. That being said, he still needs to improve, but yesterday was very promising, both defensively and attacking. Welcome back Re Arturo
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    Angelo Ogbonna