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    Italy - Euro 2020 Winners

    Enjoy Italian national team highlights compilation from Euro 2020 in HD quality with music, which includes penalties, celebrations & trophy presentation with commentary from Fabio Caressa and Beppe Bergomi.
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    Ballon d'Or 2019

    This is so true
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2019/2020

    sell ronaldo
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2018/2019

    Dybala as well
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    2017/2018 MVP

    Douglas Costa - he created chances even when the team played shitty football. Not to even mention the times when the team played well.
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    Massimiliano Allegri

    I think that the reasons for CL dramatic failures in the last 4 seasons are mainly because of pussy part of Allegri's tactics. I can't believe that the team, that is able to be in the lead 0-3 till the 91st minute, away at Santiago Bernabeu against arguably the best team in the world for the...
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    Serie A 2017/18

    looks like he was paid to concede
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2017/2018

    It seems nowadays we need luck to win even against minor opponents
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    Champions League 2017/2018

    I didn't mean to say it doesn't matter at all I said it is not THAT much important and crucial really, when your aim is to win the title, unless your entire hope is luck in one final game(which is extremely less likely to happen)
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    Champions League 2017/2018

    basically what the real difference does it make who we get at this stage. The target for this season can only be winning the competition, considering we've played 2 finals in the last 3 years. So eventually we have to beat the strongest teams anyway, doesn't really matter in which order. So, I...
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2017/2018

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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2017/2018

    Sturaro to defend 2-2
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2017/2018

    Now the aim is not to lose I guess
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2017/2018

    I thinks so too, but on the other hand maybe we really can't otherwise, we're just not good enough to play other than sitting back and defending the lead against teams like Tottenham?
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    Juventuz LIVE matches 2017/2018

    holding the ball for the first time and here comes the referee :))