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    Juventus to play Emirates Cup

    The tickets arrived yesterday. I live in the Southern Italy
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    Manchester vs Juventus

    I can't access the tickets store! Why?
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    Manchester vs Juventus

    General sale from 7th July.
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    Juventus 91st Best Team In World :(

    IFHHS sucks. When Inter didn't win anything, they were first.
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    Juventus to play Emirates Cup

    Yes, in fact I think that in England there is no problem. But if someone wants to support his team quietly, standing far from the home supporters is better ;9 Forza Juve :flag3:
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    Juventus to play Emirates Cup

    No specific seats for the away fans.. Don't go in the stands behind the goals.. There you can find the "enemies"..
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    Juventus to play Emirates Cup

    All the Juventus fans can meet in the pubs inside the stadium or outside, what about?
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    Davide Lanzafame

    Great seasons. They easility remained in Serie B and they just love Lanciafiamme and their coach, "our" Antonio Conte. I'm from the province of Bari, yes.
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    Davide Lanzafame

    Yeah, It's the nickname given by fans.
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    Ultras, DOCS, and Supporter Groups Websites

    Sounds like "Everything is yours".. "Tutto è tuo".
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    Xabi Alonso

    But the last season was injured for a long time. I like them booth and I think they're two different players, different skills.. So, why don't we try to buy them all? :D Ok, I'm dreamin'.
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    Davide Lanzafame

    BULLSHIT. Lanciafiamme is now at Tolon and he is unable to sign his agreement with Palermo. Stop. La Stampa sucks.
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    Ciao, mi presento...

    Ciao a tutti dalla caldissima Puglia 8-D
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    Juve 2008-09 kits (speculation, pics...)

    New Holland is being the next year sponsor for Juventus kits. It it said on the official website of the bianconeri. It's not excluded that the Fiat Logo can appear in the Uefa Champions' League matches, as said by Juventus the last year when they signed the agreement with New Holland, that - you...
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    Giovanni Cobolli Gigli

    Coboldo has said today that Amauri is signing on Friday and that Blanc is meeting Xabi Alonso's managers at Turin today. Coboldo one of us, even if you are interista.