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    Premier League 2022-23

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    That being said, not every country's tax money is being spent as effectively here. I go to Germany every now and then for business, and it was shocking to me, how in some towns there infrastructure and public transportation is quite mediocre. In the Netherlands, you could go to any town, the...
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    I can't say that either haha. Its harder to accept when like me, you haven't had the benefit of a world class education almost for free( i had to pay huge tuition fees as an international student), but at the same time, i can see how it creates a fully functioning society, where at least...
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    I'm going to try to be fair here. I think if you're a high achieving person, the ceiling (and potential earning power) is higher in the US, so i can understand the appeal there. For the rest of the 95 percenters, day by day i do not understand the appeal of the US over other (developed)...
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    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    pun intended?
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    Mafia 2022 summer edition signup thread

    Oh shiiiiittt Mafia!!! Love this game. Not sure if i'd have the time though. When do we expect to start?
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    Premier League 2021-22

    I think because of that awkward stutter he does for penalties, whenever he misses it looks ten times worse. But why does that matter? the aim of a penalty technique is to score as many as possible. So if it's a good or bad technique should depend on how successful his conversion rate is...
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    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    Haven't followed Turkey in a while. Do you think they're capable of holding a fair, honest and transparent election? If they do, and it doesn't turn out in Erdogan's favor how will that turn out? I somehow don't see him just accepting defeat with all the power he's amassed over the past years.
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    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    Was just about to post this. Blow for Russia, and Anti EU, anti liberal right wingers here. Fuck them both. Great news!
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    General News & Politics

    Fuck Saddam. Tbh I am not sure the war on Iraq was good for Iraqi people. Its hard for me to accept all the civilian casualties caused by American aggression also. But, seeing Saddam and his murderous genocidal cronies being rounded up like that, and seeing his two sadistic sons get what they...
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    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    Stay safe man! I wish the best for Ukraine and its people! Fuck Putin!
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    Biggest waste of a talent in football

    Ability wise, both Coutinho and James are top class players though. I think maintaining such high performance levels consistently at the top level requires a huge amount of dedication, sacrifice, mental resilience and luck with injuries. I think Coutinho put on those performances more than...
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    Dušan Vlahović

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    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    Like Elvin said, not just a journalist. Everyone!
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    Russia - Ukraine Conflict 2022

    Exactly. Its not, and especially when it comes to foreign policy, and power relations, they may be as ruthless as anyone else. But thats where the comparison ends. As soon as you start looking at how states treat their citizens, to even begin to compare is delusional. No, the west is vastly...