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    Jeeks' 3rd Ball

    Congrats! :)
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    Hollyyyy Ggggg!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats! :thumb:
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    officaly 16

    Happy belated birthday! :party:
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    Show us your desktops!

    NO,no! He was before Julek! ;) :D
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    Show us your desktops!

    Me and my French colleague :)
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    Well... I even don't think she is beautiful
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    Show us your desktops!

    My current one
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    Harry Potter anyone?

    I also like HP stories! I just can't wait for the 6th book! :)
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    We walk alone in this life.

    Hi Black! Well, I'm sorry, that you feel like that! I know that feeling very well, I also feel like that sometimes! I have just a very few friends and I have only my mum as a family. So it is hard to be not alone for me... But in the ohter hand, I'm never alone and neither you are! God is always...
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    [Poll]Cell Phones

    I have Sagem, so I prefer that brand! ;)
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    15,006 Post Dedication

    Congrats Tom! :thumb:
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    Who have u seen?

    OK! I see! But everyone of us has his/her on taste in music! ;) However I like a lot of different kind of bands/singers.
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    Congrats! :thumb:
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    Who have u seen?

    Any prob with Scooter P.E.T.O ?
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    Tour de France

    Of course I watched it as always! Great comments Shadowfax! :thumb: I'm sorry, that I wasn't able to come around to add mines as well! You know, I'm a huge cycling fan, too, however I usually follow just the races on the roads and not the track cycling and the mountain bike races!