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  1. Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    I thought I was a bit strange that he was never given a chance by Juve/Allegri. A solid DM like that is always useful, now we need better, but once our midfield is sorted a player like that can be useful for rotation. He was an important player for Torino and will likely be one for Fiorentina.
  2. Alvaro Morata

    Finally a management that doesn't sign Morata
  3. Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    If this was true Neymar would just go to Barca
  4. Fabio Miretti

    Probably no need to watch. Not a good match. Miretti is playing as a 10, the team could use him further back to control the midfield more, too many misplaced passes from both teams.
  5. Fabio Miretti

    Just scored a pk against England in the U19 euros semifinal
  6. Build/Predict Your Juve

    If we could field something like this in big games it would be a huge upgrade Chiesa - Valhovic - Di Maria Kostic - Pogba - Locatelli - Cuadrado Koulibally - Bonucci - De Ligt Szczesny Our bench would be pretty poor though X - Zaniolo Alex Sandro - Fagioli - Miretti - Zakaria - Cambiaso Rugani...
  7. Andrea Cambiaso - D L - Genoa

    Yeah fair enough, hope he finds it.
  8. Andrea Cambiaso - D L - Genoa

    Luca Pellegrini, Udogie, Dimarco, Parisi, Cambiaso. The new generation of Italian left backs in Serie A. I don't understand the point of selling Luca for 10m after showing some good stuff this season. I guess the management really saw more talent in Cambiaso or Luca just forced his way out...
  9. Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    Bonucci is a symbol of Juve and he grew up at Inter. Same for Pirlo the Inter starlet, Milan legend, and then Juve's symbol of rebirth. Cannavaro is a Napoli even if he now also loves Juve. These things are normal and they professionals, in the end love for a club grows like Locatelli who spent...
  10. Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    Immobile has definitely been the best striker in Serie A in many of his seasons, as Berardi has been the best winger. Lazio fans won't give a crap about Immobile being poor for Italy while breaking scoring records every other season for them. We can wait years talking about talent while other...
  11. Andrea Cambiaso - D L - Genoa

    Does Pellegrini want out? he played a decent amount and was looking better than Alex Sandro by the end of the season.
  12. Andrea Cambiaso - D L - Genoa

    Probably him, it was initially feared it would be something like that when he got injured iirc. I remember everyone was linked to him around that time. Wasn't such a big injury in the end and came back fast.
  13. Andrea Cambiaso - D L - Genoa

    He didn't tear his ACL ffs . He missed like 2 months of the season and came back by the end of it.
  14. Andrea Cambiaso - D L - Genoa

    Cambiaso is already back. He started the 3 matches for the U21 last two weeks. Was great in them too, he played on the right side these matches as Parisi played LB/LWB. RB vs Luxembroug and RWB vs Sweden and Ireland. He is normally a left sided player but can use both feet.
  15. Summer mercato thread 2022-23 season

    That's just a weirdly written 352