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  1. Manuel Locatelli

    That “ok at defending” is really the only feedback I see that’s positive. “Mopped up the area nicely” lol - if that’s all we get from our “best” CM we are fucked he sucks. Sell immediately 1708362847 You still arent convinced? “Temped”? Geez what else does he need to not do to convince...
  2. Manuel Locatelli

    Obviously did nothing of note but thread still inactive
  3. Manuel Locatelli

    How did he do yesterday?
  4. Timothy Weah

    Which is my point - ok Weah isn't great. Big deal. Their are worse performers underperforming for longer AND making more that continue to start and plague this team…but overall silence in those threads… …but OMFG Weah/McKennie (PBUH).
  5. Timothy Weah

    Amazing how active this thread is but other players that have failed for years and still start the criticism is near silent lol
  6. Paul Pogba

    Stuck with Loca…This guy is suspended and turning to dust before our eyes regardless of suspension; fagioli suspended as well. LOL imagine shooting ourselves in the foot with unlimited ammo.
  7. Manuel Locatelli

    I can’t take this club seriously when he and Sandro get minutes 1707864287 Players like him are why I don’t watch this team live anymore.
  8. [Serie A] Hellas Verona 2-2 Juventus [17th February, 2024 18:00 CET]

    Loca will start. Do nothing. And keep starting. hate I have for this guy is reaching Janet levels
  9. Alex Sandro

    Legend for managing to be such a terrible player and fooling the club to be able to beat these records
  10. Manuel Locatelli

    Still don’t understand why this guy is here let alone getting playing time. Are we really worse off playing a youngster? Anyone? zero value to this club for years
  11. 'Murica!

    Pendulum swings heavy here I guess
  12. 'Murica!

    If held equally under the law, yep. you and I know that won’t happen.
  13. 'Murica!

    I do, in fact I think Trump appointed. Doesn’t make a difference who ran the investigation. It’s the fact that he can’t remember anything or enough to even defend himself but still runs the country. I lose my job if I take classified info home. They, well, they become President.
  14. 'Murica!

    Biden is too senile to defend himself in front of a jury, but can remain president (despite willfully keeping classified info). Even the legal team said he did, that was their conclusion. But we won’t press charges because he is too old and his memory is bad. outstanding double standards...
  15. 'Murica!

    Doesn’t surprise me. On one hand you’re out on cashless bail for beating a cop while people praying outside an abortion clinic face 10+ years in prison. Our justice system is fucked