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    Champions League 2023-24

    I hate Barca
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    Juventus Shirts

    The new home kit looks good, a normal home kit for once
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    Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    As usual, no plan whatsoever. Why are we signing Felipe Anderson and selling Soule?
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    Cristiano Giuntoli

    What a backdown
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    Andrea Pirlo

    He has had Sampdoria in an awful position up until now. It’s about time he has them in a playoff spot. Not getting promoted would be a failure.
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    He isn’t a legend in my opinion, he was the mastermind of the collapse of the club.
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    'what are you currently listening to' Part 2

    I love this one
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    Summer Mercato season 2024-25

    We shouldn’t buy players after they have had Serie A success. It’s too expensive. Koopmeiners cost Atalanta just 14m when they bought him. We need to go straight to the source and not wait for the markup. In fact, Giuntoli already was doing that at Napoli with Kim for example.
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    'what are you currently listening to' Part 2

    That’s perfect :rofl:
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    Serie A 2023-24

    Hopefully Oaktree takes over and guts the club. These are business people, not football fans. Oaktree are not idiots, Howard Marks is not an idiot, Brookfield are not idiots, I’m sure all these people know Zhang is an idiot fraudster.
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    Manuel Locatelli

    When you changed your username was it in honor of this nobody?
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    Daniele Rugani

    Contract extension, “broke” Jj continuing to light money on fire. The entire bench should be young, cheap players. Rugani makes a couple million and is always mediocre and obviously not a prospect or anything. Terrible decision.
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    Serie A 2023-24

    It’s a perfect week