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  • Thx so much!
    Yeah it's my first and damn there alot of work that needs to be done innit :D
    Now there's also more chance for the EC88 Jersey to come up since i got to pack all my stuff so hopefully ill find and so i could send it to ya :)
    Clasie? Well he's young so he will be with the Dutch NT next year, don't think he will make it for the Euro's. Same goes for Elia shamefully :(
    How you doing btw?
    I'm good thx, quite busy with buying my house :)
    I can fetch you a 88 jersey, if i can find it, its worn by Koemand aswell. But let me first find it before i make false agreements :)
    How did you liked the England vs Holland game>?
    Hey m8, How are ya?
    Have you seen the new Dutch jersey for the EC2012? Gonna buy one with vPersie i think!
    Hope you are fine :)
    Nahh man, he wasn't there, i saw Danny Blind, The chairman Rick van den Boog and some other old Ajax players like soren lerby and Johhny Rep, Ow and i also saw Kenneth Vermeer:) I think el Salvador was to busy with Barca:D
    Forest will be in EPL next season, watch Billy Davies becoming the new Brian Clough :D Red Army FTW
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