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  1. Serie A 2023-24

    silenzio stampa lol
  2. Serie A 2023-24

    too late :(
  3. Serie A 2023-24

    I didn't see it but in general so far it's been doing the job for them . :D
  4. Serie A 2023-24

    no, VAR is.
  5. MLB Thread

    Dodgers huh? Love the meltdown from Toronto. LOL That must suck for the Angels too. give me good news for the next expansion
  6. Serie A 2023-24

    nice goal Muriel.
  7. MLB Thread

    amateur plane trackers :rofl:
  8. Winter Mercato 2024

    from a frustrated Bayern journalist. He mad we got him for free from them.
  9. Dušan Vlahović

    Cramps for him.
  10. [Serie A] Juventus 1-0 Napoli [8th December, 2023 20:45 CET]

    took out the trash
  11. Juventus - LIVE Matches 2023-24

    Cambiaso > Di Maria
  12. Juventus - LIVE Matches 2023-24

  13. Juventus - LIVE Matches 2023-24

    usual 2nd half subs(Kean and Milik) or we'll see Iling and Yildiz?
  14. Winter Mercato 2024

    Anderson sucked 5 years ago and is worse now at 30.
  15. Paul Pogba

    yeah what fee? Kick in the ass and a go f*ck yourself should be the fee. oh and HE should pay Juve more than the opposite.