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  • Don't be silly. It's a .jpg file, so definitely an image!

    Could you believe I was confused at first? Pretty difficult to read, because you go looking for "logical" sentences. Talking English to French people is always a challenge. They try so hard. As do I, in an effort to understand what it is they're saying.
    Yeah I'm going to remove those autolinks, thought it would be a good idea but it's useless :D
    Nah, it's actually one of my personal favourites. First time I saw it, I laughed like the fool that I am :D
    i miss our pharmacy discussions :D should be back in full action as soon as i get back to cairo next week so u r in for some cool pharmaceutical stuff :D
    heeeeeeeeeeey Martin!! how r u doing bro?? i hope all is going well with u :)
    Yeah... maybe, dunno. I try not to cry about it or else I'll make everything much much worse.

    That's nice to hear... about your will, not injuries :D But while we're at them, I've picked one up lol (clavicle, believe it or not, so I can't even workout at this point, which sucks too). Hope you recover quickly and get back on your feet :tup:
    Seriously? :D

    I'm tasting some unbelievable bad luck over the past few weeks, it's frustrating. All bad luck of the world lies on my shoulders right now. To make things even worse, I don't have a PC at the moment. I don't actually remember when I had this much downs in a year, sucks. How are you?
    I'll consider it, my next move is going to be a long one. Like at least 5 years.One of the ppl i worked with moved to nl recently,i'll get some reviews.

    Say,its been a while since you posted a pic,don't tell me you got fat or somthn :D
    Unless i learn the language i would be pretty useless there.

    Oh by UK i mean Brighton,the gay capital of the world and it has a beach :D
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