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    Dušan Vlahović

    Allegri: "no Vlahovic tomorrow" We may have already seen his last game with us.
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    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    It's quite simple really, and the 'anarchist' comment says it all. It's because he likes players who fall in line for jihadball, regardless of their talent. Im talking about the De Sciglios, the Sandros, the Bonuccis and the Danilos of our current squad. Bernadeschi was another one of Allegri's...
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    Marco Carnesecchi - GK - Cremonese (Atalanta)

    Close bread
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    Future coach

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    Europa League 2022-23

    Cuckventus/Congratulations F.C. back at it again I see :disagree:
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    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    Agresti: Managerial decision to be taken before June 15th
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

    Fratessi is bang average. If this is the solution to our midfield then god help us.
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    Board & Management

    Elkann had all the leverage in the world with TAR, and yet once again he didn't use it. Idgaf if it means all Italian competitions were halted and we become the antichrist of football (like we arent already?). This league has done us absolutely no favours whatsoever. What this means is that...
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    Future coach

    Klopp or De Zerbi would be the dream, of course. I just think someone like Palladino or Tudor are more realistic options.
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    Future coach

    We're out of Europe next year anyway. Let's use this as a chance to experiment a bit with a new promising manager like Palladino imo. I'd rather not go back in circles with someone like Conte. And also I'd like a manager that plays an entertaining brand of football to compensate for the loss...
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

    Here's some news to cheer you all up a bit:
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    What Car Do You Drive?

    No Stelvio? :sad:
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    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    Who needs FIGC to fuck you over when Allegri does it for your already
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    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

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    [Serie A] JUVENTUS vs Milan (Sunday, May 28th 2023, 2:45pm EST)

    Please bro, don't jinx this. For once it seems like there may be a silver lining. Let's not jeopardise it. You never know with this club.