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    Future coach

    Must have been boneless when I posted that. 1685172895
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    Future coach

    My semi realistic preferences. Spalletti Italiano Conte (the squad will be depleted but he can get the best out of his pler I would love .
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    Matías Soulé

    That might well be. I still don't think that it's good enough for a second striker to be able to make only a defensive contribution.
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    Matías Soulé

    It's a very, very bad sign when a player is clear on goal, 15 metres out, directly in front and he passes it off. It's something that Bernardeschi would often do. You can't teach players to want to score. It's instinctual. Nor can you coach the timidity out of a player. I don't see anything in...
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    Ángel Di María

    He's a class above as everyone says. Just a shame that he's 34 and no other player in the squad even approaches him.
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    Gleison Bremer

    We should probably have been playing him in a back four with Gatti. Apparently Bremer struggles in a back four though.
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    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    Yes they're probably bored with the football and there's no big star to fawn over (the worst football fans barrack for players, not clubs). We haven't played entertaining football since Allegri was last coach anyway IMO. I enjoy some of these 'boring' tussles of late. The Cremonese game was...
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    Denis Zakaria

    Please keep all injury prone players away forever. I'd rather have McKennie over ANY other midfielder who's out injured 50%+ of the season. Allegri's capable of teaching average players like McKennie to play their roles to squeeze out ugly results. This decent run of the health of the squad has...
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    [SA] Napoli 5-1 Juventus [January 13th, 2023] 2:45 PM EaSTern (+6ish)

    We will crush these dagos.
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    World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    Can't believe we're through fielding an A-League team. Graham Arnold masterclass.
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Referring to this report... The head of the legal pool #Gabasio to #Cherubini in an interception: "The #Ronaldo card must not jump out because if it happens they will all jump down our throats, everything on the balance sheet, the auditors and everything. And then we have to make a fake...
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    Adrien Rabiot

    What are the maths? Seriously. Is it cheaper to buy SMS for say a 60M fee + 6m a year for four years? Of course I'd take SMS over this year's Rabiot in a heartbeat. His form? On the balance of probabilities, I'd it's 50-50 :p
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    Adrien Rabiot

    4 year contract at 10M a year. Can we find someone better for 40M or less including wages ? Am I missing something?
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    Leandro Paredes

    Clearly he's been pretending to be half fit at Juve. Di Maria I'm unsure about - it looked like he twinged his adductor at the start of the second half. Still, we didn't see him carry on at Juve when he had a scare the way he did today. Fuck them.
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    World Cup 2022 LIVE thread

    100% agree. Look at this line up... Argentina XI (4-4-2): Martinez; Molina, Otamendi, Romero, Tagliafico; Di Maria, Paredes, De Paul, Gomez; Messi, Martinez Are any of that backline world class? A midfield of Paredes and De Paul is so average. Di Maria and Messi are who they are. But they're...