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    Dean Huijsen

    And signed Djalo :)
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    Dean Huijsen

    Wondering what’s our excuse for not playing him…
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    [Serie A] Juventus 0-1 Udinese [12th February, 2024 20:45 CET]

    Alex Sandro, Milik and Chiesa towards starting in Juve vs Udinese, with Vlahovic and Yildiz on the bench. | Di Marzio |
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    Premier League 2023-24

    And that’s pure profit for them. It’s funny how other clubs don’t try to exploit their situation, just look at the amount paid for Havertz and Mount.
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    Juventus - LIVE Matches 2023-24

    I swear I won’t watch another Juve game untill we fire Allegri. I don’t care that we have poor team, but this gameplan and these subs, I have no words…
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    La Liga 2023-24

    And Xavi is leaving Barca at the end season, he turned into Mourinho in the last couple of months.
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    It seems like someone is out of: “but khamas…” excuses. No sane person can justify what’s going on in Gaza or put it in context of some narrative. This is plain genocide with only goal to kill everyone and clear the territory.
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    [Serie A] Juventus 1-0 Roma [30th December, 2023 20:45 CET]

    Llorente was even worse. I could also play the way he plays, just hold and pull the player till he falls.
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    Michel Platini

    You forgot Zebina!
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Well it’s not like there is anyone gonna left in Gaza. Those israeli fuckers are killing everyone. I understand that this thread is became slower, but the level of attrocities is bigger than ever. No san person can defend it.
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Is this kid a terrorist in your opinion?
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    The’re not without blood on their hands, man they’re drowning in it. Also they haven’t found shit at the hospital.
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    Oh no, now these evens everything, as a matter of fact, they should kill another 8.000 just in case someone posts and tells something against Israel.
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    I’ll never defend Hamas, but this isn’t about them anymore. How many children needs to die, how many people in general. Also, as already mentioned this isn’t happening just today. As someone who managed to survive the war and four years of siege which compared to the events happening in Gaza...
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    Israeli-Palestinian conflict

    About Israel ofcourse. Still can’t believe that anyone sane can defend what they’re doing.