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    Juventus - LIVE matches 2022-23

    Lol such a meme ending to a meme season, last seconds of the season we go down to conference.
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

    Will you make a stop to London too? Pick up Scummykaka? And his gangster father and grandpa? Because while you celebrate the 80m figure, thats the kind of replacement we will get. Nothing else.
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

    We never fucking learn. Becoming Roma level very fast.
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

    He is basically done for PSG. About to be announced.
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

    I would welcome both Sane and Gnabry, we desperately lack top quality wingers. But between them I would choose Gnabry, he is more versatile and consistent. Can do everything. Sane defenitely more talented and higher peak. But he can be bit lazy, like dai said.
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    Nicolò Fagioli

    Such an impressive rise for him, in same season he spent most of the first half benched for Mckennie, he debuted in and did so well to the degree he is chosen as best U23 of whole league.
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    The NBA Thread

    Denver just too smart and too big for Miami. Legit size mismatch on 4 of the 5 positions lol. Miami only success defensively were when they changed to zone defence, stopped the 2 man. But Jokic and the crew just adjusted and played more precise and smarter. He and they have an answer for...
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    Future coach

    He is the best choice of the no name options (palladino, motta, tudor etc). He is kinda like De Zerbi in football style and approach.
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    Dušan Vlahović

    We must keep him. We are giving up as top club if we keep selling our best assets all the time. Even worse when they are 22 years old.
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    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    I didnt expect it to ever happen during this season after he survived Maccabi haifa, twice losing to Monza etc. It was allways clear he survives til end of it after those epic low blows. Not even losing 4-1 to Empoli gave me an inch of hope. But the fact they are so assured to keep him no...
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    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    are we really that broke, we cant fire someone this incompetent who's begging to be fired. Does this club have no dignity?
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    Summer Mercato season 2023-24

    You mean fuck deanJonesSoccer. For trolling the the mentally tortured souls, aka you, like this.
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    Other Leagues 2022-23

    You are the third non swede asking me about him today lol First time hearing the name. I dont watch the domestic league, and mainly hear about hype about players in Stockholm (close by),, Malmö as Southern team might aswell be in Denmark Tho they are the best club, only club that qualifies...
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    Bundesliga 2022-23

    Kahn has allways been a fucking neanderthal psycho. I would not want to be the guy breaking that news to him lol.
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    Bundesliga 2022-23

    watched both games same time. I'm just speechless. There is no way you can be this useless. Just no way.