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    [Coppa Italia] Juventus 4-1 Sampdoria [January 18th, 2022]

    No gazetta ratings? Also: their goal was, once again, an Alex Sandro fuck-up
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    Yes, his amortization costs are still there. We'd only save some wages
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    Marley Aké

    Good performance. He played as a right winger, yet the transfermarkt page has him as a left winger?
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    [Serie A] Juventus 2-0 Udinese [January 15th, 2022]

    Maybe he is starting both. We don't have much left
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    Mohamed Ihattaren

    In Holland they are writing that Utrecht is going to loan him for 1,5 year. Perfect imo..
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    Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

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    Giuseppe Marotta

    Ofcourse I understand, but people thinking he'll return here believe in Santa and the tooth fairy
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    Giuseppe Marotta

    He'll never return. If you have a tiny bit of love for Juve, you'll never go to Inter and try to get them to win the serie a. Never.
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    Winter mercato 2022

    Penny pinching on 6M? Or are those his wages? :lol:
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    Federico Chiesa

    Fuck this bullshit
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    [Serie A] The Ravaging Roma 3-4 Juventus [January 9th, 2022]

    I reverse jinxed the shit out of this. Turned off the tv at 2-1 and stopped looking at the score after the 3-1.. should I stop watching juve?
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    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Bye.. I'm out of here.. fuck this bullshit
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    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Another corner with worthless defending
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    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Because he is extremely horrible
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    Juventus - LIVE matches 2021-22

    Ffs noooo... Please nothing serious