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  1. Giampiero Boniperti

    RIP, legend.
  2. Anzolin just passed away

  3. Türkiye

    Seven, it is definitely more credible than "Feel the bern" site :D
  4. Türkiye
  5. Türkiye

    That is a different case. He is just another stupid leftist that thinks anybody who prays for Russia is a saint.
  6. Türkiye

    I could not care less about your opinion really
  7. Türkiye

    When you grow up and know how to make a sentence without an insult, come back and discuss. Until that happens, try to shut up.
  8. Türkiye

    Just brilliant. - - - Updated - - - You can try to get closer to her in another thread. Here it is just grown-ups are talking, so please behave.
  9. 'Murica!

    Really these elections are waste of money. They both are the same shit.
  10. Türkiye

    Her assumptions are totally wrong, Seven. For example, she says that Syria was an alright country before the revolution. That is totally wrong, and really unbelievable to be claimed ever. Do you know that Syrian regime has announced the state of emergency since 1960s and never stopped abusing...
  11. Türkiye

    Just say that you're siding with Assad just because he is a slave of your beloved extremist Shia leaders. You are trying to hide your racism, but believe me, this does not work anymore.
  12. Türkiye

    I was not the one who claimed that all countries are being humiliated in that same way by the so-called satire. So, it is not my job to prove what you claimed. Anyway, you can just say "I'm sorry. I claimed something that had no base at all, and I gave a random link just to cover my interference...
  13. Türkiye

    Can you just give me some examples for cartoons making fun of France after Paris attacks, for example? And by the way, try to respect me. I never attacked you or insulted you. We are merely discussing, or that is what I think we are doing
  14. Türkiye

    That is so true. You are trying to change the whole subject. I'm talking about Austria and Turkey. If you want to ask why Arabs are burning US flags, you can ask that question somewhere else.
  15. Türkiye

    I never saw an Arab or Muslim burning an Austrian flag. Guide me, please, to any photo, video or an article that says something different.