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    [Supercoppa Italiana] The Super Duper Inter 2-1 Juventus [January 12th, 2022]

    You were trying to be sarcastic but sadly all these players are a huge cut above the crop we fielded tonight. Only Locatelli and Chiellini are worthy of the shirt in our line-up.
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    [Supercoppa Italiana] The Super Duper Inter 2-1 Juventus [January 12th, 2022]

    Look at this fucking squad we played. This is a mid-table Serie A team right here, insane we even got to ET with this shit.
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    [Serie A] Juventus 2-0 Cagliari [December 21st, 2021]

    McKennie and Kulusevski were fantastic when they came on. The creativity of the team jumped up exponentially, before that it was an absolute snoozefest.
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    Federico Bernardeschi

    AHAHAHA it's funny because bad player is good and I'm going to repeat this funny joke every day
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    Federico Bernardeschi

    If he accepts lower wages then he should be extended. Great rotation player and can play almost every position bar CB and GK.
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    [CL] Juventus 1-0 Malmö FF[December 8th, 2021]

    Only positive thing was that GODDAMN BEAUTIFUL ASSIST from Lord Berna. Loving the redemption arc from his this season, altough he did start playing like his usual self by the end there...
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    [Serie A] Juventus 2-0 Genoa [December 5th, 2021]

    Even though Morata goes through these bad spells where he can't finish anything, he's still miles ahead of Kean. Made plenty of great moves and runs into great positions but just cannot fucking put it in the net. Didn't help that Sirigu was absolutely possessed tonight.
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    Winter mercato 2022

    Injury prone, 30+ year old player on massive wages in the worst form of his life. I wouldn't touch that with a long stick. We could get Insigne for free next season.
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    Mattia Perin

    Lloris and Onana are freebies next summer and open for signing in the winter. Wouldn't be shabby competition for Szczesny if Perin is leaving.
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    Winter mercato 2022

    Jesus fucking christ. A young player has one good season and now he's surpassed Kane :howler:
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    [Serie A] Juventus 1-0 Fiorentina [November 6th, 2021]

    Where is Kean from the squad?
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    Winter mercato 2022

    Kylian Mbappe, Ousmane Dembele, Lorenzo Insigne, Angel Di Maria, Andrea Belotti, Luis Suarez, Jerome Boga, Jesus Corona Paul Pogba, Marcelo Brozovic, Franck Kessie, Denis Zakaria, Remo Freuler Niklas Sule, Antonio Rudiger, Mathias Ginter, Alessio Romagnoli, Cesar Azpilcueta Andre Onana, Hugo...
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    Your ideal midfield in 2022/23

    Priority sales in order: Ramsey (nominal fee), Rabiot (25-30mil) Secondary sales in order (only if replacement lined up): Bentancur (30-35/2=15-17.5mil), McKennie (30-35mil), Arthur(30-35mil) Recall: Rovella, Fagioli Priority youth signing (30-50mil): Tchouameni, Gravenbach, etc. Priority WC...
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    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    He is on loan, it's very much up to him that he was extended. It's not like he is a terrible striker either, he scored or assisted 20 goals in Serie A last season and 14 in Atletico in around 25 performances. You cannot only point at the players for bad performances because there is someone who...
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    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    You simply cannot lose to the likes of Brescia, Sassuolo and Hellas with our squad no matter how bad you label some of these players. It's time to come to the agreement that Allegri is at fault for a lot of these performances. The fact that we have continually bad performances is up to the...