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    Adrien Rabiot

    I always said he was the most talented midfielder we had prior to signing Pogba. He's obviously leaving but at least its during a time when we have a lot of good CM's on the books.
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    Juventus Next Gen

    Its weird that we've managed to get so many CM's from the youth team into the first team but still no fullbacks even though we practically have nobody there. Aren't there any good fullbacks for Allegri to promote and who could use this to their advantage?
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    The Super League part deux?

    Forget the English teams, they are the competition in the other Super League. You need to get the EU teams to join. Unfortunately you have teams like Bayern, PSG and Inter acting like the Super League is bad.
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    Antonio Conte

    I want him back but don't want that 3-5-2 business around here.
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    Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    Conte, Zidane, Tuchel, Poch, De Zerbi. So many good coaches available out there.
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    Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    Two seasons and not one sign of improvement.
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    Daniele Rugani

    He's playing well whenever he gets the chance. I remember him being our best defender last year prior to his injury. What more can you expect? There is literally no reason for us to sell him. And if there is any fairness in football, he should keep starting based on performances. Players should...
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    Samuel Iling-Junior

    I hope we start playing him a lot. Hopefully we have a new Bale in our hands. If not that then maybe a better Juan Vargas. And if not that, well then he's Estigarribia.
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    Board & Management

    We're an easy target as we're on the stock exchange.
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    Andrea "Il Bruco Brutto" Agnelli

    Serie B?
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    Juve Friendlies Schedule and pre-season talk

    Perin Cuadrado - Bonucci - Rugani - Gatti Fagioli - Locatelli - Miretti Chiesa - Kean - Iling-Junior Something like that I with what we have left I assume?
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    Winter Mercato 2023

    For the midfield Out: Rabiot(don't renew at 10m), McKennie, Paredes(back to PSG) In: Rovella, Frattesi, SMS Pogba - Locatelli - SMS (Frattesi) - (Rovella) - (Fagioli) With our history with injuries I assume none of these guys will be considered a bench player as there will always be playing...
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    Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    Lets be honest Vlahovic would score 40+ goals a season if he was playing for Bayern.
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    Massimiliano “Bam Bam” Allegri

    I like this 3-5-1-1 business going on. For next season. Tek Danilo - NEW CB - Bremer Chiesa - Rabiot - Loca - Pogba - Kostic SMS Vlahovic
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    Adrien Rabiot

    The fuck are we going to do with this superstar? I've always said he's our most talented midfielder(now after Pogba). Clearly he's also one of those guys who plays motivated when its a contract year.