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  • Yeah you are :D

    I usually leave work around 5pm on Friday's, so I'll be in Ams around 6pm.
    So Sunday I'm leaving town for a week. How about Friday night? You could swing by or I can come to Ams, we can grab a bite?
    I'm in The Hague, 40min by train. You can also check out this place if you want. Or take a trip to Rotterdam, which also isn't far.
    Cool. I wanna do some trekking too some time. Don't know where to go though.

    What are you gonna do in temples? :D
    I've never taken any drugs. Apart from alcohol. But my vices are coffee and sugar. I drink coffee sometimes not understanding why, I just do because there I have a weird mental need for it, apparently. Even when I'm not tired. And then there's the craving for junk food regardless of my state of hunger that I don't understand. And don't know how to overcome.

    Cool :) What is your goal when you travel? What do you usually do?

    Sounds like a rich man's paradise or something. :D
    I don't care about the distinction. To me it's just a huge pain. I think if smoking were a new invention in 2013 and someone was trying to introduce it it would be a PR nightmare trying to convince people that blowing smoke in their air is somehow acceptable. It's anti-social behavior.

    Where do you want to travel?

    It seems pretty insane when I look at the pictures. Like when the pyramids were being built. :D How would you describe the society?
    Aha :D

    No drugs sounds great. I wish smoking were eradicated tomorrow, it's so incredibly disgusting. The idea that it's a personal choice is such a fucking lie when everyone else has to put up with it.

    So it sounds like you've settled in pretty well. Do you plan to stay for many years?

    What's the country like? Is it like modern city and then suddenly desert?
    you have no idea :D . Check out the Tom Waits stuff I left in the music thread, you'll dig it.
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