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    Paulo Dybala 2015-2016

    Are you all ironic?
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    Paulo Dybala 2015-2016

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    Paul Pogba 2012 - 2016

    The overview of Paul Pogba's SUPREMACY from 2012 until now.
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    Dybala's first months with Juve

    Hi guys, Hope you will like it. Let me know what you think about the video and enjoy!
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    Kingsley Coman 2015 Season

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    Sky Juventus Scudetto Remix 2015

    Hi all, You can download the Sky Juventus Scudetto Remix 2015 via below magnet link...
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    Paul Pogba - Tremendous Player 2015 - Amazing Goals Skills & Assists HD

    Good videos! I like your style and your channel!
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    The first steps of Alvaro Morata with Juve

    Hi folks! Enjoy! Hope you like it. Cheers, Mark
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    Juventus 2014-2015 Season

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    Juventus 2014-2015 Season

    Enjoy and Happy new year!
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    The start of Kingsley Coman

    Enjoy you guys!
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    Pogba Skills Overview 2012-2015

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    Juventus Season 2013 - 2014 Highlights Video

    Wow thanks for the enthusiasm guys ....:haddadjunior:
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    Juventus Season 2013 - 2014 Highlights Video

    Hi Guys, I made a 16 minute Season review of this record season! Enjoy!
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    New Co-op from Dann10 and myself!

    Hi forum friends, Fellow forum members Dann10 and myself have made a co-op. We hope you enjoy it! The videos below are the same, but since they are uploaded on both of our channels I have posted both links below! Forza Juve!