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  • :lol: Cold, sarcastic bitch :heart:

    She's right. Was a lame/stupid question. Your a journalist and that's all you come up with? lol.
    None of those two, I'd just be nervous as fuck :P...then again i'll always be i guess :D

    On a serious note - it'd feel strange. Meet her because you know someone who knows someone who knows her? Like she hasn't anything better to do than meet up with a stranger tuz fuck for no reason. If you meet her backstage or prior a show, fine. But like that? Not a fan.
    God knows i'd find it weird (and annoying) if i was a star and supposed to meet a stranger fan like that.
    Hazel Brugger :tuttosport:

    Intelligent girls :tuttosport:

    Also Lisa Eckhart :tuttosport: (she a ösi though) @Ocelot
    "Im letzten Jahr war ich auch ständig kaputt, bin am liebsten einfach nur so rumgelegen. Weiß auch nicht, war halt so. Gibt so Jahre. Obwohl, manchmal war ich auch nicht kaputt, aber meistens hab ich mich dann einfach trotzdem hingelegt, weil ich dachte: “Ach, wennde erst mal liegst, kommt das Kaputtsein schon von ganz alleine.”

    :tup: Horst Evers ("Gefühltes Wissen") is awesome too :klin:

    Short stories are just so comfy to read :P
    Funny Van Dannen's books are great too btw.

    Should check em out. Most of them are short stories, making his books ideal for a quick read in the subway, bus, or whatever public transport you use. His humor isn't for everyone though.
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