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    Giuseppe Marotta

    The environment is set up for him to succeed. A struggling team in need of some cheap and successful signings. He knows how to operate in that. Having said that, I don't think he comes back. I think the current bunch is here to stay
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    La Liga 2021-22

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    The Official Tennis Thread

    Who do you think he goes to visit in the mount,, I mean, in the pyramids all the time?
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    Winter mercato 2022

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    Paul Pogba

    Come home Labile :green:
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    Winter mercato 2022

    But he scored
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    Winter mercato 2022

    When do we announce Pogba?
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    Alvaro Morata

    He's a freebie in a year and a half
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    Winter mercato 2022

    Kramaric :tuttosport: 1641045083 @Nedved96
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    Dušan Vlahović - ST - Fiorentina

    Dzeko was a beast at Roma as well, for a couple of years. Serie A top scorer (42 goals overall that season) for a 87pt team and then almost carrying them to a CL final with his goals. City was just the wrong choice for him, he wasted his prime there. He had his best years at 22-23 and 31-32 at...
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    Alvaro Morata

    Quite the revelation
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    Leonardo Bonucci

    Only Messi from Copa America lol. Magnificent competition
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    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    So from 4th best mid after Emre Can, Pjanic went to our best mid in a couple of months? sarri truly is the best Serie A coach out there
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    Federico Bernardeschi

    Extend 1638740378 On his terms
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    Alvaro Morata

    We won't use the option to buy but don't kid yourselves, he's back here again in 2023 when his contract expires at Atletico. #alvolver #ep3