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  1. Nedved03

    Giuseppe Marotta

    Well recently my condition it's not good though. I had to sold my computer to pay the debt but i hope everything gonna improved in the incoming weeks. At least the madness of tuz especially the ronaldo tracking plane is still making me sane from my current predicament. :D Thank you for asking...
  2. Nedved03

    Giuseppe Marotta

    :shifty: My sins in here was adding marotta tag with the name of troll beast and lord installments. :P
  3. Nedved03

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Damn, i never imagine we make this move. :tuttosport::tuttosport: We've come this far, from serie b, secco, conte, allegri and now ronaldo. A great time for juventini indeed. :touched:
  4. Nedved03

    Antonio Conte

    No matter what unappreciate hater said about him, he'll always be remember as the one who paved the foundation and the way for our present success. Thank goodness, allegri doing great with the majority of player coached by Conte last season. The present triade of Agnelli, Marotta and suitable...
  5. Nedved03

    Juventus shirts 2013/2014

    Interesting design .... similar with revolver holster. :shifty:
  6. Nedved03

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    Ah i see. And yes, that man is really talented. :tup: Interesting fan... :shifty:
  7. Nedved03

    Il Capitano Alessandro Del Piero

    I don't know for sure, got this from this site .
  8. Nedved03

    Fabio Quagliarella

    @Tommy @baggio Roberta Morise
  9. Nedved03

    Antonio Conte

    @enzo :P :D
  10. Nedved03

    Antonio Conte

    @Cuti :snoop:
  11. Nedved03

    Fabio Quagliarella

    I really like the ideas. :D :tup: :D
  12. Nedved03

    Wishlist and General Juve winter mercato talk (2013-14)

    @Jem83 :shifty: I'm really busy lately, so... :P
  13. Nedved03

    Fabio Quagliarella

    Really busy but still lurking pal. :D
  14. Nedved03

    Fabio Quagliarella

    Count me in!!! :tuttosport::tuttosport::tuttosport: :chin: + :beppe:
  15. Nedved03

    Paul Pogba

    Is that pogba or giovinco in disguise? :shifty::snoop::P
  16. Nedved03

    Juve Artwork and anti everyone artwork

    - posted by alex-444 - posted by swag - posted by dule90 - posted by Hydde - posted by ragazza - posted by capitano - posted by piotrr - posted by Nicholas - posted by bianconero_aus - posted by am0110 - posted by goooogle - posted by Numero Uno - posted by klin -...
  17. Nedved03

    Calciopoli or Morattopoli.. inter fake orgasm

    More than seven years after the calciopoli scandal engulfed Italian football, Luciano Moggi, the former general manager of Juventus, is still fighting to clear his name. He tells Kevin Azzopardi that the devastating impact calciopoli had on vulnerable families has fuelled his determination to...
  18. Nedved03

    [CL] F.C Copenhagen - JUVENTUS (September 17, 2013)

    :lol: 0-2, tevez and maybe vidal or quag. :xfinger:
  19. Nedved03

    Your Most memorable Juve Goal?

    Zalayeta vs barca in 2003. I'm dancing like crazy at that time :juventus: :D .. OT for non-juve goal, 2nd poborsky goal against inter may 5th 2002. :P