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  1. Itztli

    Paulo Dybala

    We just did. Man City remember? :P
  2. Itztli

    Paulo Dybala

    :disagree: You got plebeian taste. Come get these microtransaction and shitty community my man. :P
  3. Itztli

    Atomic Winter mercato 2016

    Bruh, come on. I know he's inconsistent but when he's on, he's fucking on. Arguable one of Argentina's best midfielder made in the past five year.
  4. Itztli

    Atomic Winter mercato 2016

    He is but you got to deal with attitude and is mom who's also his agent
  5. Itztli

    Massimiliano “Badass” Allegri

    Still reaching, huh?
  6. Itztli

    Paul Pogba

    Bless Paulo, his dab ain't strong yet. But Nedved tho. :P
  7. Itztli

    Paul Pogba

    Great game and goal from him today. Him hitting the dab after scoring was the icing on the cake for me. :p
  8. Itztli

    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 3-1 Fiorentina (13th Dec 2015)

    I'm watching today, you mad old man? :P
  9. Itztli

    Atomic Winter mercato 2016

    :agree: Sign him
  10. Itztli

    Alex Sandro

    Much more than that. :agree:
  11. Itztli

    Alex Sandro

    Kevin Gates, pls
  12. Itztli

    [SPA] La Liga 2015/2016

    Seen too many people get lost to the streets even when they get famous. Shame.
  13. Itztli

    [Serie A] Empoli 1-3 JUVENTUS (November 8th 2015)

    So you can't joy in anything, can you?
  14. Itztli

    What Are You Doing Right Now?

    Hey everyone. How are we all?
  15. Itztli

    [Serie A] JUVENTUS 2-0 Atalanta (October 25th, 2015)

    I'm sick, so yes. Enjoying my suffering Lion? :D
  16. Itztli

    Qatar's bid for hosting WC 2022

    >Germans >giving Poles a great salary or even a salary at all Jokes aside, the fact that the Germans bribed their way to host the tournament isn't surprising to me. Wouldn't be surprise if the 1994 WC that was held here in the States was also awarded in the same way. Face it, this how FIFA...
  17. Itztli

    U.S. Soccer

    And people lap it up because he's German, the new chiq and hot thing in world soccer. Sorry if I don't follow basic bitch fashion.