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  1. gigi's twin

    Jeeks' 3rd Ball

    Congrats! :)
  2. gigi's twin

    Hollyyyy Ggggg!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats! :thumb:
  3. gigi's twin

    officaly 16

    Happy belated birthday! :party:
  4. gigi's twin

    Show us your desktops!

    NO,no! He was before Julek! ;) :D
  5. gigi's twin

    Show us your desktops!

    Me and my French colleague :)
  6. gigi's twin


    Well... I even don't think she is beautiful
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    Show us your desktops!

    My current one
  8. gigi's twin

    Harry Potter anyone?

    I also like HP stories! I just can't wait for the 6th book! :)
  9. gigi's twin

    We walk alone in this life.

    Hi Black! Well, I'm sorry, that you feel like that! I know that feeling very well, I also feel like that sometimes! I have just a very few friends and I have only my mum as a family. So it is hard to be not alone for me... But in the ohter hand, I'm never alone and neither you are! God is always...
  10. gigi's twin

    [Poll]Cell Phones

    I have Sagem, so I prefer that brand! ;)
  11. gigi's twin

    15,006 Post Dedication

    Congrats Tom! :thumb:
  12. gigi's twin

    Who have u seen?

    OK! I see! But everyone of us has his/her on taste in music! ;) However I like a lot of different kind of bands/singers.
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    Congrats! :thumb:
  14. gigi's twin

    Who have u seen?

    Any prob with Scooter P.E.T.O ?
  15. gigi's twin

    Tour de France

    Of course I watched it as always! Great comments Shadowfax! :thumb: I'm sorry, that I wasn't able to come around to add mines as well! You know, I'm a huge cycling fan, too, however I usually follow just the races on the roads and not the track cycling and the mountain bike races!
  16. gigi's twin

    Who are the oldies

    I turned to be 26 this month!
  17. gigi's twin

    Where are you from??

    I'm Hungarian, I always lived here in Hungary! The name of my town is Salgótarján which is situated next to the Slovakian border, 120 kms from the capital!
  18. gigi's twin

    How many languages?

    I think it is 3: Hungarian, English and German! Though I remember some few things in Russian as well... :rolleyes:
  19. gigi's twin

    Who have u seen?

    Hmmm.... Let me see... -Take That -Scooter -José Carréras -Placido Domingo -The Italian NT
  20. gigi's twin

    Inzaghino set for Juve

    I would be happy if Juve got Simone instead of Zalayeta! :)