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  1. JUVEMAN1211

    Leonardo Bonucci

    He is signing "I am so sorry...please love me again. Leo" as his signiture to fans there
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    [ICC] Real Madrid 3-1 Juventus [August 4th 2018]

    First time posting in ages... But WOOOO I'm finally seeing my beautiful Juventus play in person. As an American who can't exactly take time off and fly to Italy to see a real game, this is about as close as I'll get for now. I'm sitting in the Juve supporters section so hopefully it'll be a...
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    Stephan Lichtsteiner

    I seriously hopes he stays. Hes a true veteran and I love him as a player.
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    Marko Pjaca

    Does everyone not remember how he started with Dybala? He hardly played him in the beginning but eventually he started to aclumate him into the team and then he began to start for us regularly. People need to have patience. He's a good prospect for us and I believe he will do well. I just hope...
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    Paul Pogba

    This is pretty random but something I noticed when Pogba said his goodbyes on Social Media. One of the pictures he posted, while spewing his goodbyes, was of him praying during a game in a Juventus Jersey. Also in that picture was the Europe League badge on our jersey. I took that as a way of...
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    Endless Summer Mercato 2016

    Still doesn't mean hes going to ManU. That quote could mean anything. Its the truth, what else can he say in this kind of situation. Sure its vague but its not official yet, imo.
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    Endless Summer Mercato 2016

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    Endless Summer Mercato 2016

    Wait, for that Raiola Twitter picture, did he actually say that? Is that legit and he deleted it? If its real and he did delete it, it could mean that Pogba made a last min decision and decided to go to ManU...
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    Paul Pogba

    I guess I am looking at it in a "glass half full" way but his instagram caption makes me think, by me not saying anything at all, means that you (Juventini) have nothing to worry about. I am yours. But then again, I have no idea what I am talking about lol.
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    Paul Pogba

    I think we are all panicking and, this prob wont help at all, but according to Pogba's facebook post this morning or yesterday, he said "hes on vacation, PLEASE LET ME REST A BIT." He hasn't made a decision in my mind yet. All rumors are bs of him wanting to leave. I think hes blocked out all...
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    Paul Pogba

    I think with a transfer sum THIS high, its hard for any team to hold onto a player. Yes, we all love Pogba and wouldn't want him to leave, but I believe Juventus and it's directors know it would be madness not to accept a bid that high, if it actually comes in. Obviously, we could use the money...
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    Paul Pogba

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    Gonzalo Higuaín - CF - Napoli

    As much as I like Higuain, I don't like the fact that we are going after him with him having such a high RC. It makes me feel like we're def gonna sell Pogba to give us the money to use for him. I honestly don't think we need him in our striking positions.
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    Marko Pjaca - Dinamo Zagreb - AM/SS/LW/RW

    This guy?
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    Marko Pjaca - Dinamo Zagreb - AM/SS/LW/RW

    Juve's snapchat just mentioned a press meeting for an "important guest" so I'm assuming its this guy
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    I've put around 80+ hours into the game and I still (I think) have barely scratched the surface of the main story line. I get the worst ADD when it comes to Bethesda games like this. I'm enjoying the game so far but its starting to get a bit boring to me. I'm sure im not alone in this but I...
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    Juventus Shirts 2019/20

    Anyone know why we aren't wearing our official away kit shorts? The ones with the crazy, fractal design of black gold and white? I always see us, when we wear our black jerseys, with, what looks like, cheap adidas shorts.
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    Paul Pogba

    I have no idea who any of those people are.
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    Paul Pogba

    That's what dapping is. The "dance" is a reference to dabbing bud. Its basically when you dab and inhale and you cough into your elbow and that's where the dance came from. Its always funny because most people don't really know the origin or what the dance means so when I see popular celebs or...
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    [CL] Champions League 2015/2016

    This is all Coman's fault. The bastard.