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  1. only-juve

    Leonardo Bonucci

    He spent 1 season in Milan and they shipped his ass back to Juve because they’ve realized how average he is (Milan fans hated his guts). That summarizes him pretty much.
  2. only-juve

    Andrea Pirlo

    Yep, unless we really really suck coming mid-season (like being out of the top 4 teams by then) I would stick with Pirlo. It was a huge gamble by our management to hire him in the first place but it would be even more foolish to fire him now. Personally even with the bad results so far, I'm...
  3. only-juve

    [CL] Lyon 1-0 JUVENTUS [February 26th, 2020]

    1-0 is the worst possible result IMO. 2nd game even if we played well, Lyon can score just 1 goal and we’ll be practically out of the CL
  4. only-juve

    Rodrigo Bentancur

    What’s that news we want to sell this guy ? Hope it’s BS, plus they say that Boca owns %50 of he’s sell price !! If any of that is true then our management are really screwed in the head
  5. only-juve

    Serie A 2019/20

    I would put Inter infront of Napoli too for 2 reasons. Conte is great in grinding results (definitely what Inter were missing for a long time). Ancelotti tends to screw up in the leagues in his 2nd season particularly.
  6. only-juve

    Paulo Dybala

    Knowing our management, it’s likely a loan with an “option” to buy. By next season, they’ll lower their offer and we’d be forced to sell for less.
  7. only-juve

    Federico Bernardeschi

    Pogba is being criticized by united fans because he’s so frustrating, he can show glimpses of talent every now and then but he’s overall performance had been average to them (very similar to Berna IMO) both of them have the talent but something is off about them. When Pogba was at Juve, he was...
  8. only-juve

    Sami Khedira

    So someone like Khedira (who hardly adds anything to the team and 32 already) decides to stay we grant him his wish but a player who can really add quality to the team and desperately wants to stay like dybala, we shove him out of the club !! Personally I think the management doesn’t have a...
  9. only-juve

    Federico Bernardeschi

    He lacks confidence, it’s pretty clear (at least to me). He’s probably one of the best players around vision wise IMO. Mentally he’s similar to Pogba, talented player but lacks confidence. 1566146821 3 years but never given a real run in games so far. like I’d said, play him regularly for...
  10. only-juve

    Federico Bernardeschi

    ‘ Confidence ‘ that’s he’s real problem not talent. I’m pretty sure if this guy was given time to play regularly he’ll do well. Just give him enough playing time (play 6-7 games back to back) and he’ll deliver no doubt In my mind, this guy will make a real difference in our team.
  11. only-juve

    Mario Mandžukić

    He’s got a good point though, if we’re getting older players for decent price (ala manzukic) then it’s fine. But paying 90 freakin millions on 28/29 year old Higuain was a terrible decision. Paying 30 mil on 30 year old Matuidi was another clear mistake. Now we’re stuck with these 2 and we...
  12. only-juve

    Maurizio Sarri

    Waay too early to judge Sarri, what worries me more than Sarri is our management struggling to sell unwanted players. Higuain in particular is our our management biggest fuck up ! the moment we signed him I just knew we’ll struggle to sell his ass in the future.
  13. only-juve

    Paulo Dybala

    Actually the media had been spot on in almost every move this management took. To the point of being right about the prices of players we buy or sell. This management had been an open book for the media (complete opposite of Moggi days when pretty much it was impossible to know what our guys...
  14. only-juve

    Fabio Paratici

    Nah I don't believe that we're desperate for money. Juve had been one of the biggest spenders in Europe for the past 7-8 years (at least top 5 every single year). It's just that our management is weird (and I don't blame paratici for that really) I used to blame Marotta for some of our weird...
  15. only-juve

    Fabio Paratici

    Hell any management are great in negotiating deals with us really. I remember when rumors were out that we’re signing Higuain for 90 mil. Everyone in here thought that’s no way our management are that clueless but guess what happened ! Other than Pogba deal. Our guys always had buy high -...
  16. only-juve

    Paulo Dybala

    Yes, thats pretty much our market every freakin year. Sign a quality player first, everyone gets hyped then screw it with stupid move. I can actually understand the club selling dybala for cash but a straight swap with shit player like lukako is beyond stupid
  17. only-juve

    Federico Bernardeschi

    To be fair, he hardly was regularly played last 2 seasons (3-4 games back to back for 90 minutes) he either was a sub or been subbed before the end of the game. His talent is clear (made the difference in key games with us) was our best player against Atletico along with Ronaldo when we really...
  18. only-juve

    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    Never understood why Arsenal are soo cheap. They're probably one of the richest clubs in the world (their ticket prices are over the roof and stadium almost always packed) yet they hardly spend much (other than few players like Ozel and co).
  19. only-juve

    Neymar - Forward - PSG

    Adriano, Robinho….. the list goes on and on with those brazilians
  20. only-juve

    Neymar - Forward - PSG

    Never been a fan of Brazilian players, sure they got the talent but Mentally they're the worst. So I hope we don't sign this guy.