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  1. Wittl

    Build/Predict Your Juve

    :tup: Rabiot belongs somewhere far away from our starting line up.
  2. Wittl

    Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    Probably better than the beer tho.
  3. Wittl

    Maurizio Sarri

    That's what you wrote in your post Dru and I are referring to. :shifty: ..I personally don't believe so. So we hire Rudi Garcia.
  4. Wittl

    Maurizio Sarri

    We hire Gasperini, cause he knocked us out of CL, like we did with Ronaldo and de Ligt.
  5. Wittl

    Maurizio Sarri

    Is he infected? :green:
  6. Wittl

    Premier League 2019/20

    :agree: just replace player with forum-user.
  7. Wittl

    Maurizio Sarri

    :touched: But I agree with you with that Mazzarri > Sarri thing, no doubt about that.
  8. Wittl

    Maurizio Sarri

    Tuchel >>> Sarri 1583399527 Ibh this PSG fanboy here comes and tells how incompetent Tuchel is, because he doesn't treat Cavani, the CF goat, well. :blah:
  9. Wittl

    Hans Nicolussi Caviglia

    Hans :tuttosport:
  10. Wittl

    Premier League 2019/20

    Lol, what a douche. Some irrelevant player who attaches importance to himself.
  11. Wittl

    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    That would be an immense midfield, probably too immense considering CL squad limit.
  12. Wittl

    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    They are a little bit everything, unfortunately just not much of everything. Mediocre eclecticism it's called.
  13. Wittl

    Summer Mercato Thread 2020-21

    Good that Lord Paratici took the option and extended his contract for a year. :bow:
  14. Wittl

    Serie A 2019/20

  15. Wittl

    João Cancelo

    Dani Alves :tuttosport:
  16. Wittl

    Matthijs de Ligt

  17. Wittl

    UEFA Nations League

    Yeah, that's true. But switzerland reached the semifinal last time, hype was terrible. Luckily good ol Ronaldo kicked us out with a hattrick and guess what ...a free-kick goal. :lol3:
  18. Wittl

    UEFA Nations League

    Our beloved nations play against each other in this mickey mouse tournament. @DAiDEViL @lgorTudor
  19. Wittl

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Guess who...