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  1. The NBA Thread

    this is stupid funny, Zalgiris is leading by 6, CSKA scores a three, there's a bit over minute left and CSKA clock operator decides to casually steal 4 seconds from Zalgiris attack with the 14 second attack button :lol: CSKA go on to win in overtime and the incident gets blamed on "clock error"...
  2. The NBA Thread

    It's not like KAT was any better last night though :D did you see Uncle Drew yet?
  3. The NBA Thread

    watched the last part of Spurs-Wolves to see how Bertans is doing and have to say I feel sorry for you @Osman for having Derrick Rose in your team, that attack at 9:15 brought back some bad memories from his time in Knicks :lol:
  4. The NBA Thread

    how on earth could they afford Lenard and a great center?
  5. The NBA Thread

    NBA might as well go into a lockout until next summer, odds that Warriors win the league currently are at 1.5 :lol: why even bother with the 100+ games if we all know the outcome...
  6. The NBA Thread

    I agree about San Antonio having to buckle now, maybe you can already get Kawhi without sacrificing too much. But I really think giving Lebron a 4 year deal only pays off if you go for it in the first 2 years, he won't be the player he is at moment for much longer, eventually they all decline.
  7. The NBA Thread

    what does your starting 5 look like with James and Kawhi? I'd argue that a big C like Cousins now gives you more of an edge over Warriors than Kawhi a season from now. Of course if Cousins is still functional
  8. The NBA Thread

    with Lebron just having had his arguably best playoff performance I think you stood a good chance next season if you created a mix of experienced winners and youth. I haven't watched Lakers much and don't know how true this is, but the general opinion is that you have some very good young guns...
  9. The NBA Thread

    isn't he a bit old to be able to wait one year for a proper team though? if I just got Lebron, I'd want to capitalize as soon as possible, highly doubt 36 or 37 years old James will be worth the money Lakers are paying him. Kobe was 32 or 33 the last time Lakers made playoffs, right?
  10. The NBA Thread

    this is gold :lol:
  11. The NBA Thread

    New Orleans are not keeping all their players, Cousins is leaving. And a lot of teams can go from average to good or even very good if Lebron/Kawhi joins them, that's not fair :D However you look at it, Jazz with the crazy Mitchell are one of the most dangerous teams in West until we know more...
  12. The NBA Thread

    So whats your power rank? Not fair to crap on my choices without providing alternatives :P Mitchell did have incredible playoffs for a rookie and Raptors did great in the regular season, thats why I included both
  13. The NBA Thread

    so where is Lebron playing next season? because if he doesn't join a good team, we already know the outcome of next years season as well, Rockets and Celtics seem like the closest challengers to me with Raptors, Jazz and 76ers a bit behind imo, but for me GS is clearly above them if their stars...
  14. The NBA Thread

    of course Cavs most likely will get killed by Warriors/Rockets, if Lebron doesn't have a superdominant game it'll possibly even end in 4. but if you had placed literally any other active basketball player instead of Lebron in Cleveland, I think Cavaliers would've lost the tie against all of...
  15. The NBA Thread

    imo that's how it works in sports, Ronaldo's overhead kick killed our confidence, Karius killed himself with that Benzema mistake, these events affect you even if you're a model pro. When you see one player making all the difference, at one point you start doubting if you even have the chance to win
  16. The NBA Thread

    I think Lebron and his scary alpha aura also had something to do with Celtics shaky knees Will Love be back for finals?
  17. The NBA Thread

    Another beast game from Lebron, incredible if he drags this Cavs team to finals, without him they're probaablybly not even playoff material
  18. The NBA Thread

    they seem like they've lost their hunger a bit
  19. The NBA Thread

    Paul scored a few great shots though, like the one in the video above. If he's out, Houston has big big problems to finish this positively
  20. The NBA Thread

    after Curry destroyed them, I didn't think Houston had it in them this year, but damn, they managed to win last night with Harden shooting 0/11 from 3 point line :lol: