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  1. Kosta

    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-3 Barcelona (June 6th, 2015)

  2. Kosta

    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-3 Barcelona (June 6th, 2015)

    Alive and kicking ! Citam vas povremeno, ali retko postiram.
  3. Kosta

    [CL] JUVENTUS 1-3 Barcelona (June 6th, 2015)

    Damn right ! This is THE thread! :excited: From watching shitty Seria B streams every weekend to CL Final in Berlin. :weee: Back with a vengeance!
  4. Kosta

    [CL] Champions League 2014/15

  5. Kosta

    Marco Borriello

    To think that we let Trezeguet go in such manner and we got this donkey instead is beyond my comprehension. :mad:
  6. Kosta

    [Coppa Italia] Finale: Juventus - Naples Soccer (20-May-2012)

    We play against them in the supercup before the start of the season, right ?
  7. Kosta

    David Trezeguet

    The club still owes him proper farewell match.
  8. Kosta

    [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012
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  10. Kosta


    It's not Kostarika , you fool. He's permanently banned.
  11. Kosta

    [ENG] Premiership 2011/2012

    Amazing !
  12. Kosta


    Me coming back to the forums is the surprise :D
  13. Kosta

    Amauri "The Immovable Object" Carvalho de Oliveira

    The most important goal scored for Juve. :weee:
  14. Kosta

    [Serie A] Palermo 0-2 JUVENTUS (7th-Apr-2012)

    :D Sent from my ARCHOS 80G9 using Tapatalk
  15. Kosta

    David Trezeguet

    Form is temporary, class is permanent. I still can believe Juve let this guy go. :sad:
  16. Kosta


    I'm seriously considering getting it because of this, it is supported by latest Cyanogen Mod 7. The only down side I can think of is 256K screen and 1250 mAh battery, but I can live with it. :)
  17. Kosta


    Any thoughts on ZTE Blade, I could get one for ~ 120 €
  18. Kosta

    Gianluigi Buffon

    by far the best picture of him.
  19. Kosta

    Calciopoli or Morattopoli.. inter fake orgasm

    This is huge pile of bullshit: Fuckers !!!