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  1. Basel93

    Juventuz PS Battle Thread

    Didn't realize how many enthusiastic, PS dabbling, time-wasters we had (5, we have 5). Let's post our Photoshop creations here instead of scattering them all around. Post yo shit. @DAiDEViL @Barthota @piotrr @s4tch Round 1: Hernanes Celebration - - - Updated - - - My...
  2. Basel93

    Juventus' Worst 25-Man Squad (By Cee Mon)

    Found this nice article, sauce (By Cee Mon (Reddit)). A full 25-man squad consisting of the worst Juventus players and signings of the last decade. As a wise man once said: what you think please discuss - - - Updated - - - The Rubinho one is kinda out of place, a reserve GK shouldn't be...
  3. Basel93

    Big Boss' list of must-play

    The Big Boss' Must-Play List FPS games: Half Life 2, Ep1, Ep2 Metro Last Light Crysis, Crysis 2 Bioshock (ALL) Battlefield Medal of Honor Racing: Midnight Club 3 Need for Speed Most Wanted (the 05/06 one) Need for speed Underground 1 & 2 Need for speed undercover Need for...