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  1. suligodsilla

    [Serie A] Salernitana 0-2 Juventus [November 30th, 2021]

    Morata is a good joker, proved it yesterday. Let's hope Kean gets a decent run of chances from the start of the match
  2. suligodsilla

    [Serie A] Juventus 2-0 Genoa [December 5th, 2021]

    Play 4-4-2 diamond with Kulusevski as playmaker
  3. suligodsilla

    [Serie A] Salernitana 0-2 Juventus [November 30th, 2021]

    Sad as it sounds, we don't have anyone else who would be a better option than Bentancur in that position in that formation
  4. suligodsilla

    PL 2021/2022 Matchday 17 DEADLINE Saturday 4/12 12:00

    Real Sociedad - Real Madrid, 1-1; Roma - Inter, 3-0; Napoli - Atalanta, 5-5; Manchester United - Crystal Palace, 1-0; Borussia Dortmund - Bayern Munich, 3-1; Sampdoria - Lazio, 2-1; Juventus - Genoa, 1-0;
  5. suligodsilla

    The official coding thread

    With the salary i have the experience to tell the company how much you are worth from their point of view, yearly and with taxes
  6. suligodsilla

    News that makes you say WTF!

    Storm Arwen: Customers set to spend third night at Britain's highest pub
  7. suligodsilla

    Winter mercato 2022

    Get Pjanic back on loan
  8. suligodsilla

    Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    The Virus variant is not from Africa, it was identified in South Africa because they have good institutes of virology
  9. suligodsilla

    Giacomo Vrioni

    Scored two goals yesterday, has 9 goals in 11 games. Adeyemi from Salzburg has more goals. Vrioni has the best minutes per goal ratio
  10. suligodsilla

    Winter mercato 2022

    Rasmus Kristensen is good RB
  11. suligodsilla

    South American Football 2021-22

    Yes, the Galatasaray legend himself defended with his team the Copa
  12. suligodsilla

    [Serie A] Salernitana 0-2 Juventus [November 30th, 2021]

    Play 4-4-2 diamaond with a playmaker, would like to see Kulusevski in that role
  13. suligodsilla

    [Serie A] Juventus 0-1 Atalanta [November 27th, 2021]

    Benching only Bentancur was a mistake, Allegri should have benched at least 4-5 more players from tuesday
  14. suligodsilla

    Tactics and Formations

    Play 4-4-2 diamond with Kulusevski as playmaker
  15. suligodsilla

    Coronavirus (COVID-19 Outbreak)

    If the vaccines would have been distributed everywhere equally around the world it could have been hindered to mutate, we would still have the problem that people wouldn't want the vaccination but at least the people would have had the chance to vaccine if they wanted
  16. suligodsilla

    Winter mercato 2022

    We need some toughness and character, our players are to soft beside Chiellini and De Ligt