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  1. Winter mercato 2022

    15M for Scamacca is ok, but 40M is absurd. If we have that kind of money, we should throw it on good CM like Tchoumeni
  2. Winter mercato 2022

    Even though Vlahovic seems likely a reasonable choice, I would like to see Karim Adeyemi as our striker. This guy is fast, unexpected., great dribbling and first touch as well as balanced, good shooting technique and can used both feet very well. He is not too tall but still decent (1m80) and...
  3. Nicolò Fagioli

    I am happy to see him improving the fitness and stamina compared to the last season. He could become good enough, at least as a squad player.
  4. Dušan Vlahović - ST - Fiorentina

    I want him to fully recover and hope to see him in our shirt, but the truth is after two serious injuries like that, his leg will be significantly weaker. And with the tendency of bursting speed Zaniolo has, his leg can not last long before injured again. Unless Zaniolo can change his playstyle...
  5. Dušan Vlahović - ST - Fiorentina

    I am still sceptical about Vlahovic. From what I see from him this season, he has two big weakness. Firstly, his touch is kind of unrefined and inconsistent in my opinion. Sometimes he controls the ball coming to him perfect & skillful, sometimes he reminds me of Lukaku and Amauri (when he is...
  6. Winter mercato 2022

    Bullet dodge is more accurate in my opinion. I remember he is quite injury-prone. We don't need more patient for J-medical
  7. The Financial Situation

    Wow, I never see this boy plays but the highlight is extremely impressive. His dribbling & shooting technique is very good and his body form is great for a modern winger too, tall but still bulky enough. However if this boy has attitude problem, then no talent in the world can save him.
  8. Summer mercato 2021-22 poll

    Good: Locatelli Decent: Kean, Kaio Jorge Bad: All the other thing. Rating 4 for me.
  9. Moise Kean

    at least we have a decent HG player now.
  10. Kaio Jorge

    Hope he is professional and improve when training(playing with CR. Please don't be a partying buddy with Arthur
  11. Kaio Jorge - ST - Santos

    3M is overpaid :haha:
  12. Summer mercato 2021-22

    Rugani stays :sad:
  13. Summer mercato 2021-22

    I also don't see too much special quality about that Kai Jorge guy. But he is just 19, and even Lewandowski was nothing when he was at the same age. And if we can get him at reasonable price (8M), it is still a worthy gamble. I think he will join Benfica, as they will provide him more game time...
  14. Federico Bernardeschi

    Even if we pay the difference in Berna's contract for next two years, the swap is still a win for us. Problem is Samp will prefer cash (25-30M) from PL clubs for Damsgaard than Berna for sure.
  15. Zinedine Zidane

    To be fair, Perez said the truth :)
  16. Should Ronaldo Leave or Stay?

    I think let Ronaldo leave for reasonable price is best option for us. We now have Chiesa to build around, who shows tremendous talent as well as determination. I don't want to see the all attack go to Ronaldo to finish tactics anymore. His leaving also save us a great amount of money on wage and...
  17. Summer mercato 2021-22

    Our board will sign Carmavinga if they have that money. For them, a great prospect for 30M is a bargain, and he will be a cash cow after 3 years just like Pogba
  18. Summer mercato 2021-22

    We struggle to pay 40M (without creative accounting method like loan plus obligation to buy) for Locatelli, so how can we spend 30M for Carmavinga. 1625661154
  19. Dušan Vlahović - ST - Fiorentina

    I don't like him. He is one-foot pony. His left foot is good, even capable of great, but his right foot play is non-existent. Every thing from shooting, dribbling, passing need to go through his left foot, that will make him easy to neutral as a striker.
  20. The Super League

    I see Agnelli as a Darth Sidious (aka Supreme Chancellor Palpatine), who have the important position in both sides of the war