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  1. Ali


    Has anyone watched this? Halfway through first season & it's really good. Al is a fucking boss.
  2. Ali

    Mattia Perin

    Amazing goalie I really hope we try to get him after Buffon. Full name: Mattia Perin Date of birth: 10 November 1992 (age 20) Place of birth: Latina, Italy Height: 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in) Playing position: Goalkeeper Mattia Perin (born 10 November 1992) is an Italian footballer who...
  3. Ali


    Just wondering if there is anyone interested in VMware.
  4. Ali

    The do you have a kid thread

    I am a father of two boys. One aged 2 years 2+ months and the other aged 8+ months. Ever since I became a dad I have not had enough time for everything that I wanted to do. I have not slept a single night till morning without interruption. I am starting this thread to share experiences with...
  5. Ali

    Most Impressive Player - WC 2010

    So who is the most impressive player so far :- 1. Keisuke Honda - 24yrs - Midfielder - CSKA Moscow 2. Andre Ayew - 21yrs - Midfielder - Arles
  6. Ali

    Why should Mark get a PS3? But who is mark?

    Just been thinking about what else you guys are doing with your PS3? Am anticipating some free weeks ahead & would like to seriously consolidate my media. Bought a 1TB harddisk & will be looking to stream from my PC. How do you host your movies, pics & music? Has anyone managed to rip blueray...
  7. Ali

    U20 World Cup - Egypt vs. Italy

    What a cracking game. The first half has been played at breakneck speed. Good football & the Egyptians have some very good players. 2-1 to Egypt first half.
  8. Ali

    The who wants to go to Chelsea - Juve match

    Am really thinking of going to this match. Anyone interested get in here & let's arrange for it :)
  9. Ali

    I just became a dad :D

    I know I visit this place infrequently but that does not mean I can't celebrate my dadhood here :D My little handsome boy Suleiman was born on 22nd October at 13:40hrs weighing in at 3.93kg & 50cm tall. Jag vill passa på och tacka personalen på SÖS - professionella, hjälpsamma och otroligt snälla.
  10. Ali

    The Paolo Montero Syndrome

    Most of you will remember Paolo Montero for his reputation as a hard man and a walking red card. To me he was a hero & one of the hardest defenders ever. However in his waning years when he became a kind of a liability to the team. He often tackled late & notoriously so. He often resorted to...
  11. Ali

    [Serie A] Weekly Top 10 Goals

  12. Ali

    With Mirante being so good what if .....

    Foremost since I've not been around more often lately so this topic may have been flogged to death. If such a thread exists please merge them mods. Here is a thought ... Having had the chance to watch the Tim Cup am really impressed with Mirante. We all know how the coppa went. Awful...
  13. Ali

    [Serie A] Weekly Top 10 Goals

    I always get an hour long Serie A highlights on SuperSport 3 and thought it would be a good idea to share the rankings. No videos ladies & gents, just the lineup. I'll try to update it weekly. Week 22.
  14. Ali

    Road To Linux

    After years of contemplation I finally decided to take the plunge. A friend gave me Mandrake 9.1 (Not the smartest choice as I later learned) I was determined to make it work but was soon to find out that Mandrake went burst & switched to Mandriva. In the process I had done tested all types of...
  15. Ali

    Which Distro?

    Am thinking of making one of my computers a dual boot of w2k/linux. I have RedHat 9 and Mandrake 10, I can also get Debian. Question is which distro and why?
  16. Ali

    This one's for the Swede's in here ....

    I am currently in Stockholm and would very much like to know where I can watch the Milan - Juve game. My current choice is O'learys in Slussen. If anyone knows a better place I would appreciate.
  17. Ali

    How much do you pay for?

    Inspired by Paul & Vin's petrol discussion I thought it would be interesting to know how much we pay for certain basic goods in different parts of the world. I hope you don't mind if we use the US$ as the comparison. Feel free to add more commodities: 1. Petrol 1 litre = US$ 0.82 2. Bread...
  18. Ali

    Phone Wallpaper

    I have been dappling with a few footie wallpapers for my phone. This is the result.
  19. Ali

    Source of the River Nile - Pics

    I spent a weekend in Kampala & Jinja in Uganda and had the chance to visit the source of the River Nile. Fortunately I had my camera with me so here are a few pics .
  20. Ali

    Is Milan next?

    Is Milan next? Some interesting scenarios are unfolding in the footballing world in three different countries. Looking at three super powers of Europe who have previously won the champions league it becomes obvious that a pattern can be found. Notably the disintergration of a team due to lack...