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    But it's so obvious it can't work...
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    Are people born gay?

    As I was browsing the forums a couple of interesting posts caught my eye: What do you guys think?
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    Is Dubai a Country?

    My thoughts? Both. In debating this topic I suggest we use the criteria for statehood that have been set out by the Montevideo Convention of 1933 as this is the most cited definition of statehood. As is well known the Montevideo Convention sets out four criteria for a state: (a) a permanent...
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    Seven in the USA

    Well, I finally did it. Booked tickets to Vegas this Summer with my girlfriend. I'll be making a roadtrip all the way up to Canada. Things I have to see? I'll probably take US Route 89, as it goes through lots of national parks. I have done a lot of roadtrips in Europe on awful roads and...
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    Questions about nationality

    As it's World Cup time, I would like to know which nations I am able to support. This would make the experience more enjoyable for me. I have a couple of questions about nationality and what requirements I have to meet to support a nation during the World Cup. I think that abstract discussion...
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    What Muhammad didn't tell you

    Just joking. Here's my 17K dedication thread. I got to say though, the list is not finished. I'm 100% certain I forgot a lot of members, so I will add them later on. The Mods: Bozi: well, what can I say? I've been stalking you on facebook, glad to see you at least took the time to read...
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    Americans do it better - in your face, Fritz!
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    Now THIS would not happen in Belgium, Turk. An Afghan law which legalised rape has been sent back to parliament with a clause letting husbands starve their wives if they refuse to have sex. President Hamid Karzai...
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    Swine flu fears prompt Hajj curbs Swine flu fears prompt Hajj curbs Millions of people attend the annual Hajj, due this year in November. Arab health ministers have agreed to prevent vulnerable groups joining this year's Muslim Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, because of...
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    Yet another muslim TOUCHDOWN!

    Saudi man arrested after boasting about sex on TV Story Highlights Mazen Abdul Jawad appeared last week on a show on Lebanese channel He gives "graphic details about his sexual conquests," reports Arab News In deeply conservative Saudi Arabia, pre-marital sex is illegal About 100...
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    Why do you do that, Ze?

    Always hide behind the padlock. Always post when others can't post anymore. Is it because you're a coward?
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: Muhammad got you there, Ze!
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    What do we think about it? I don't like it personally.
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    Did loverboy get it right?

    Sarkozy Says Burqas Aren’t Welcome In France Posted by: Carrie Wasterlain | Filed in: News & Culture 6:00PM, Monday June 22nd 2009 Comments (24) E-Mail | Share: President Nicholas Sarkozy stood before the French Parliament today and proposed a ban on burqas...
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    Seven's list.

    Do you want to be on the list? Seven's List 1) del_piero_91 2) Hustini 3) JuveJay 4) Asma 5) Alen 6) v1r2t3u4l 7) Osman 8) LetsBrushYourTeeth 9) Ahmed 10) Cronios 11) Martin 12) Red 13) The Czar 14) Lawnchair Bes
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    Benelux Thread (If you speak Dutch, if you speak French get out. Sorry, Luxemburg.)

    Wel, da's dan duidelijk.
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    This awesome new religion

    Check it out:
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    Why Fred thinks I'm a bigot

    This thread is though.
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    Victoria fires

    I didn't find a thread about this yet, so I created one myself because I know we've got a few Australian members. I only have friends in Sydney though and luckily they are all fine.
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    Important days in history

    As we all seem to agree that Obama's election marks a big day in history, what would you say were other days that changed the world? Let me start with one that isn't completely irrelevant to Obama: November 22, 1963.