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  1. PhRoZeN

    Winter mercato 2022

    Yeah very complicated when you don't have the money!
  2. PhRoZeN

    Alex Sandro

    FFS where's the Allegri we knew, it's his own philosophy boot it out of the arena. His just feeling sorry for them all while arrivabene will rip them one or maybe just dybalas.
  3. PhRoZeN

    [Supercoppa Italiana] The Super Duper Inter 2-1 Juventus [January 12th, 2022]

    Can Allegri please ditch the useless pressing, it's like we're expecting inter GK to somehow give it to us. Weve never profitted from this type of pressing. Also everyone flowing to the right or the left of the pitch, like some washed up ship in the storm. Eyes on the ball and not the position...
  4. PhRoZeN

    Mohamed Ihattaren

    Good move, kid needs confidence and his value increasing.
  5. PhRoZeN

    Non-Juve Transfer news (official or rumors)

    Official: David Neres to Shaktar for 18m. Never thought I'd see this kid demote. What a player he was couple of seasons ago but ACL injury wrecked him. Ajax will now go all out for Bergwijn. More money for tootsie.
  6. PhRoZeN

    Federico Chiesa

    Same guy who did surgery on the likes of Zaniolo, Chiellini and Sane.
  7. PhRoZeN

    Winter mercato 2022

    I can see why management may now go for Depay. He fits the profile, two in one we get a winger and a striker and at a discount.
  8. PhRoZeN

    Winter mercato 2022

    I think that's more to do with Binotto who was the technical director, he was widely praised which is why they promoted him and got rid of Arrivabene.
  9. PhRoZeN

    Winter mercato 2022

    He didn't match his words while at Ferrari, he won't do it here. He's a one dimensional bully but no action. Hiring this guy was a mistake. At a club where we needed someone with EQ they brought in a gorilla instead who's capable of nothing but stamping on everyone's feet. Can't wait to see him...
  10. PhRoZeN

    Federico Chiesa

    Probably still waiting for a call from Chiesa.
  11. PhRoZeN

    Winter mercato 2022

    45m seems a bit steep for a Lyon player nowadays but it may be because his their best. He knocked us out or CL, remember him being a pain in the ass.
  12. PhRoZeN

    Winter mercato 2022

    Wow didn't realize his 27, remember when he was dubbed as the new ibrahimovic and most exciting talent to come out of the east. That fared well. With that said, I'd take him over that schmucker.
  13. PhRoZeN

    Federico Chiesa

    Amazon over eBay anyday :stuckup:
  14. PhRoZeN

    Federico Chiesa

    Inter, Milan and Napoli out on social media. Inter "Good Luck Chiesa, We look forward in seeing you on the pitch." Milan " Wish you a speedy recovery Chiesa" Napoli " Forza Federico, We look forward in seeing you on the pitch" Poor Nazionale.
  15. PhRoZeN

    Federico Chiesa

    The last time I felt even remotely as sad and upset as this following a player injury was when ADP got his. That's the impact this kid has had, earned a solid place in all our hearts. Gutted, get well soon Chiesa :heart:
  16. PhRoZeN

    Federico Chiesa

    Hard to celebrate a great comeback knowing we won't be seeing our best player for a long time. That's if he will ever be the same player again. Fuck that smalling dick, piece of shit.
  17. PhRoZeN

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    Poor guy
  18. PhRoZeN

    Weston McKennie

    Actually played well, made a good couple of interceptions, used his lungs and his head for once, one of his better games.
  19. PhRoZeN

    Manuel Locatelli

    You can see he was hurt and bleeding after we fell to 3-1, earned a yellow and then just gave it all, thankfully he made more forward runs and showed urgency. There was a moment when he dived to win a tackle but he missed, it happened few minutes after he scored, that would have changed a lot of...