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  1. Juventinoo

    Juve Headic

    reading Juve rumors that related our lovely team with a promising players everyday , is a BIG headache for me ....I'm dreaming and i don't know about the team plans for the players , but i can't stop thinking in this whenever a rumor blows up. what about you ? the formation that am dreaming...
  2. Juventinoo

    Michael Ballack?

    Juventus dismiss Ballack link Wednesday 19 October, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juventus transfer chief Luciano Moggi insists the name of Michael Ballack is not on his shortlist. The Bayern Munich captain is only contracted to...
  3. Juventinoo


    Juve monitor new Cafu Friday 29 July, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Italian champions Juventus are today being linked with Brazil’s attacking right-back Cicinho. The Sao Paulo player is widely considered as Marcos Cafu’s heir in...
  4. Juventinoo

    De Rossi

    in Romanista Magazine of AS Roma it was writtern that Capello want to sign De Rossi and Mancini .. if it's true's dream for me to see this boy in our roster:cool:
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    Capello pushes for Pizarro Saturday 2 July, 2005 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David Pizarro’s dream of joining Roma has fallen through, so Juventus have intercepted with a new offer for the Chilean. The Giallorossi were preparing to...
  6. Juventinoo

    i want to be on the transfer list !!!

    sometimes am asking myself , why all the players love to go to RM , is it only for success and CL or just for money ? when one like Kuffor pick Roma for liverpool, means money is critical ? thats mean if a club would like to get Ronaldinho , just i pay that much for him ? look at zidan case, he...
  7. Juventinoo

    ‘Evil Moggi’ Accused Of Corrupting Football

    what do u think guys ? The former Ancona President, Ermanno Pieroni, has launched an astonishing attack at Juve’s Luciano Moggi for allegedly damaging football. In an interview published by Italian newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, Ermanno Pieroni has verbally assaulted the...
  8. Juventinoo

    Fiorentina Stun The Market With Bojinov Purchase

    i feel crazy can one tell me what s happenning to this boy ? The Viola have managed to shock the transfer market by signing Lecce’s Valeri Bojinov. In a relatively quiet transfer market, Fiorentina have completed the most surprising move of the past month. Dino Zoff’s squad has in fact...
  9. Juventinoo

    Juve for male and females ?

    what do u think guys if Juventus start o promote a perfume for us..:D it will be prestigous if we have something like this ....can we ?
  10. Juventinoo

    Juve Youth System !!!!!!

    hi all ............. really a lot of times am thinking about the roma players specialy De Rossi and look to parma...and its enough that there products are Buffon and Cana...also the smaller teams are talented then thinking and asking why Juve don't do same which is less...
  11. Juventinoo

    Lecce starlet Bojinov

    what a bout Lecce starlet Bojinov ? what do u think guys .... i love to see him at our roster ..look what news i found ......really am mad of this player and i want juvee to buy him with cassano:D:D:D Chelsea join queue for Lecce starlet Bojinov - November 14, 2004...
  12. Juventinoo

    Happy Birthday Alex

    Alessandro Del Piero is celebrating today, Tuesday 9th of November, his 30th birthday. .............we all love we can get celebrated guys....i don't have any ideas....if u have tell it here.....