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    I am planning to visit Armenia, and am wondering if anyone has personal experience about the lifestyle and culture.
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    Fucking words that don't get changed: Forze George Orwell

    I'll start: Fick dich Arschloch
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    Carpe diem- Things to do before you die

    As if there are things to do after you die. I have seen the best player of my generation in the flesh- Zizou (and still the greatest ever in international competitions). Therefore, I have to take my boy to see Messi, the greatest of his so far. So I am hoping Juve get drawn against Barcelona...
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    Damien Hirst Jazz French The Jungle Book Bobby Moore Marlon Brando Stephen Spielberg Hucklebury Finn Wellingtons Capitalism The death penalty Yoga Virginity America African Elephants Duvets Bitter Chop sticks Dawn Honesty Common sense Dogs Underwear not under Green and biros
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    Champion league 6/7th December

    Apoel Nicosia v Shakhtar Donetsk 2-2 Barcelona v BATE Borisov 5-0 Borussia Dortmund v Marseille 3-1 Chelsea v Valencia1-2 FC Porto v Zenit St Petersburg 2-0 Genk v Bayer Leverkusen 1-1 Olympiakos v Arsenal 3-1 Plzen v AC Milan 3-0 Ajax v Real Madrid 3-1 Benfica v Otelul Galati 4-0...
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    How is Christmas celebrated in you land?

    How is Christmas season celebrated in you land? What traditions and pastimes do you have? What is original to your land? What oddities do you have? Soupy celebrate St Nikolaus, epiphany?
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    Horse racing

    Is Frankel really the greatest horse ever? Having seen Dancing Brave, Shergar, and Suave Dancer in the flesh, among many others, I am yet to be convinced. Sea Bird..
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    عيد الفطر Eid ul fitr

    عيد الفطر Eid ul fitr May your god bless you all.
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    Be a Juventuz Satan.

    Here is the place to be Satan and gift another member of the Juventuz forum a present. I'll start be gifting Deneb .,?!:;""-()' and
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    v for Snoop campaign

    vSnoop had his v unceremoniously stripped from him. Leaving him naked and disgraced. I demand that his v is return to him along with his reputation. If you agree sign below. v for Snoop!
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    Virus help

    Any good advise for virus, malware, spyware. I've been attacked and they have attacked my comp and modem.
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    Happy Yom kippur!

    A blessed and peaceful day to everyone observing yom kippur reflection today. Happy Yom kippur!
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    Post your Legend

    A place to post your own personal Legend.
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    Chester's on holiday insult/praise page

    Chester's on holiday insult/praise page: From Monday he is away so feel free to complement or insult him here. Everything will be deleted before his return, so feel safe, as the mods have guarenteed anything goes. He is a tip of the top fellow.
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    Tour de France 2010

    Tour de France is once again here. The greatest test of human endurance and athleticism. Oh, and drugs too (Lance Armstrong). Thank god, as this will carry me through the World Cup withdrawal blues. What a day today.
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    Greatest ever international match?

    Yugoslavia 3-4 Spain – Euro 2000. June 4th I've have never seen a more...
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    World Cup Football presenters.

    World Cup Football presenters. Who is the most attractive, intelligent, witty, useless, inept, dull, watchable, charismatic... I post the most attractive nominee: Sara Carbonero.
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    The Un-Official Mod Thread

    Quick before they notice, carry on discussions here.
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    JCK Charity run.

    Please sign up to sponsor JCK for his charity run in aid of the needy. Every step he takes, gives.
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    A place to share, swop or simply laugh at the pictures. The first bad news is that Del Piero won't be going to South Africa for the World Cup: he is not in the album.