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  1. Juventinoo

    Federico Chiesa

    Sorry for him , but it is about time to happen , sadly
  2. Juventinoo

    Paulo Dybala

    Maybe Dybala is our last problems for this team , maybe others need to be shipped out before him ... but he is not useful any more with inconsistency and prone to injuries... committing to a long term contract with him is another dig in the club ... Dybala missed all the opportunities to be in...
  3. Juventinoo

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    Crapello and his boring football
  4. Juventinoo

    The Financial Situation

    Actually talking about a “ missing document “ by itself means those fuckers - FIGC and the rest have no more chucky toys to scare us with ...
  5. Juventinoo

    Federico Bernardeschi

    when this guy plays ...we win :lol: he is good at holding the ball compared to other pussies in the team
  6. Juventinoo

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    great job mister 4 2 3 1 looks nice with this team
  7. Juventinoo

    The Financial Situation

    I bet on this .... but why from the first place they - Italians never thought about it at first place or even during the calciopoli or even at the doping events before ...?
  8. Juventinoo

    The Financial Situation

    The current situation is really worrying.... the thing make me feel pessimistic more is the declaration posted in our website that of what to expect as outcomes from all this .... seems a confirming message of a wrong doing instead of being in denial.... Threatening us with demotion is...
  9. Juventinoo

    The Financial Situation

    I hope this is all shit ....but seriously another relegation will hit me hard here ... I think all this a way to make AA stops his plans of ESL
  10. Juventinoo

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    guys who are complaining at the moment need to give up ...Allegri will not leave ....his contract is long already neither the market have coach can fix this mess ....(Zidan wont to Serie A..demanding ..salary ...) nor the management ready to have another coach termination ...or...
  11. Juventinoo

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    The shit is real :sergio: what happen to our Mister and his team .... This lose is not acceptable....
  12. Juventinoo

    [Serie A] Juventus 0-1 Atalanta [November 27th, 2021]

    another positive lose
  13. Juventinoo

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    and we have another problem, we don't have money to buy a creative mid nor a real talent scout , until now , to get us a new potential :boh: the only valuable player can be sold with great value so we can have a great mid to sell De Ligt ...sadly
  14. Juventinoo

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    we dont have center mid that can create ...this is our problem since Pogba and vidal left
  15. Juventinoo

    Massimiliano “Genius” Allegri

    I found a lot of mixed feeling here... I agree this is so embarrassing yesterday .... the good thing we already qualified ... the truth ...this defeat is very good in timing for us... a wake up call for both Allegri to tinker more and the management to sign the right players... for me its very...
  16. Juventinoo

    Zinedine Zidane

    may be thats me ....but i dont think he loves Juve ..he was forcing Moggi and the club to leave to real ....Moggi tried hard to keep but he was egoistic and sees us as less competitive .. sold for 73m i think he doesnt have empathy for us .... the one really have , platini ...always talk...
  17. Juventinoo

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    :hihi: CR7
  18. Juventinoo

    Paul Pogba

    I really like him he could be great for us , but I really dont want him :lol: He is a ruined asset :sad:
  19. Juventinoo

    Daniele Rugani

    and let Romero go for Atalanta ... He was good under Marotta but seems he cant do it without him kicking his nuts .... What happen to him and turned like this :lazy:
  20. Juventinoo

    Fabio Paratici

    Am passed on being fan of him, But am afraid he starts to learn from his mistakes .... and we were a vacation for him hiring conte is good move for club level like spurs