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  1. Mike-e-y

    Premier League Fantasy Football!

    Apologies, just realised there is already a thread for this
  2. Mike-e-y

    Football Triva Thread

    I haven't seen a thread in the forums dedicated to stupid football trivia questions so I thought I would do the honours and create one. I'll start off with a nice easy question, but no cheating and asking google, try to do it with general knowledge! Can anyone name me the only 7 players...
  3. Mike-e-y

    2007/08 compared to 2008/09

    I just want to do a bit of comparing of our last 2 seasons, just to see what we have actually done better and what we have done worse. And if any improvements have been made: Last season we finished the league with 72 points, 20 wins, 12 draws and 6 losses. This season with 2 rounds to go...
  4. Mike-e-y

    Bellamy to Juve????

    Bellamy attracts interest from Juventus and Roma By Andy Hunter Published: 18 June 2007 Craig Bellamy has been offered an unexpected chance to play in Italy after Juventus and Roma entered the market for the controversial Liverpool forward. The Wales captain is expected to leave...
  5. Mike-e-y

    Juventus stats so far this season

    Hey guys just found some stats for our season so far and thought i'd let you all know if you were interested: Our Average goals scored: Home: 2.2 Away: 1.3 Average goals conceded: Home: 0.5 Away: 0.4 Average time first goal scored: Home: 45 Mins Away: 50 Mins Average time first...