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    Marley Aké

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    Abdoulaye Dabo

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    Nicolò Rovella

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    Space & Astronomy

    I couldn't find a thread for general celestial events or astronomical news, so here it is. Always been interested in this kind of stuff. Never owned a telescope or anything like that, not really sure why, but I'll probably get around to it at some point...
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    Paolo Rossi

    Paolo Rossi: Italy's 1982 World Cup hero dies aged 64 Italy's 1982 World Cup hero Paolo Rossi has died aged 64, his family says. Rossi became a household name after leading the Azzurri to victory at the tournament in Spain, finishing as top scorer and being named best player. At club level...
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    Giacomo Vrioni

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    Gianluca Frabotta

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    Raimundo Orsi

    Raimundo Orsi Raimundo Bibiani "Mumo" Orsi (2 December 1901 – 6 April 1986) was an Italian Argentine footballer who played as a winger or as a forward. At international level, he represented both countries, winning the 1927 Copa América and the silver medal at the 1928 Summer Olympics in...
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    Luis Monti

    Luis Monti Luis Felipe Monti (15 May 1901 – 9 September 1983) was an Italian Argentine footballer who played as a midfielder, and an Olympian. Monti has the distinction of having played in two FIFA World Cup final matches with two different national teams. He played the first of these...
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    Hamza Rafia

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    Primavera & U17

    Primavera Squadra 2020-21 ('02-'03) GK) Filippo Dadone (2001) GK) Giovanni Garofani (2002) GK) Marco Raina (2002) GK) Zsombor Senkó (2003) DC) Filippo Fiumanò (2003) DC) Félix Nzouango Bikien (2003) DC) Alessandro Pio Riccio (2002) DC) Nikita Vlasenko (2001) DR) Daniel Leo (2002) DR)...
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    Winter Mercato Thread 2018

    - Emre Can pre-contract? - André Gomes discount? - Spinazzola still got the Juve fever? - Panic buys to cover disastrous summer? - Beppe January wonderkid special (Pellegri)?
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    Primavera & Under 17 - 2017/18

    Primavera Squadra 2017-18 ('99 & '00) GK) Alessandro Busti (2000) GK) Leonardo Loria (1999) GK) Filippo Maricchi (1999) DC) Matteo Anzolin (2000) DC) João Serrão (2000) DC) Alessandro Vogliacco (1998) DC) Gianmaria Zanandrea (1999) DR) Riccardo Meneghini (2000) DL) Afonso Freitas...
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    Loan player watch 2016-17

    Loans (1997-born and older) GK) Francesco Anacoura (ITA) 1994 - Casertana GK) Laurenţiu Brănescu (ROM) 1994 - Dinamo Bucharest (ROM) [until 2018] GK) Alberto Brignoli (ITA) 1991 - Perugia GK) Alberto Gallinetta (ITA) 1992 - Santarcangelo GK) Nicola Leali (ITA) 1993 - Olympiacos (GRE) GK) Timothy...
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    Primavera & Under 17 - 2016/17

    Primavera Squadra 2016-17 ('98 & '99) GK) Mattia Del Favero (1998) GK) Leonardo Loria (1999) GK) Filippo Maricchi (1999) DC) Mattias Andersson (1998) DC) Alessandro Semprini (1998) DC) Alessandro Vogliacco (1998) DL) Pietro Beruatto (1998) DL) Luca Coccolo (1998) DL) Rogério (1998)...
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    Endless Summer Mercato 2016

    AKA Operation Plunder Serie B AKA Saponara > Isco Will Cuadrado be signed outright? Will we take up our option on Berardi? Will we actually sign that guy from Sassuolo whose name no one can spell? Will we sell Pogba to City, Morata to Madrid and Dybala to Barcelona? Will rakib keep his...
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    Retro Games Online

    Inspired by a post on imgur. General:
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    Live Mercato Deadline Day - AM Meltdown Edition

    Mario Lemina is a done deal, currently undergoing a medical. €1.5m loan with €10.5m option to buy, which triggers an obligation if he meets a certain amount of appearances. Mauricio Isla currently going the other way to Marseille, loan with option to buy. Paolo De Ceglie has also been linked...
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    Primavera & Allievi 2015-16

    Primavera Squadra 2015-16 GK) Emil Audero (1997) GK) Patrick Consol (1998) GK) Mattia Del Favero (1998) GK) Leonardo Vitali (1998) DC) Carlos Blanco (1996) DC) Giulio Parodi (1997) DC) Filippo Romagna (1997) DC) Yoan Severin (1997) DC) Alessandro Vogliacco (1998) DR) Pol Lirola...
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    Pro Evolution Soccer (R.I.P.)

    Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. has announced a 15th / 17th September release date for PES 2016, marking the 20th anniversary edition of the hugely successful football series. From its humble origins on PSOne, the PES series has leaped from format to format, adding ever more realism as it...