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  1. Martin

    Put your heads together and answer this

    What would it take for Juve to win the CL? Zidane coach? And player? Thuram and Cannavaro back from retirement? L'avvocato Agnelli back among the living? Roll back the invention of the internet?
  2. Martin

    Our legends and other legends

    Dunno if you guys know about this, but there's a youtube channel that's publishing tons of informal interviews with the greats of yesterday. Super fun to watch if you're mentally still in the 90s/00s (and always will be lol) when...
  3. Martin domain is about to expire

    @Marty, I kept the domain all these years ever since you took over the site. It's been hosting an archive version of the old site on it, for the odd trip down memory lane. It's now about to expire again, on 2020-06-25. This time I will let it expire. On the off chance that you're interested...
  4. Martin

    The Tea Thread

    In this thread we celebrate life. @DAiDEViL
  5. Martin

    The surprising basketball thread

    Booom in other news Tony Parker became the highest scoring player ever in Eurobasket :cap:
  6. Martin

    Trans people: your informed opinions and why you hold them

    One to three go thread!
  7. Martin

    Então poderiamos falar português

    Quantos membros lusofonos temos no forum? Só me lembro de @CrimsonianKing. Há outros?
  8. Martin

    what will Mou do next?

    He likes to stay at a club for 3 years then move on. (And it must be almost time for his beloved Drogba to retire soon.) This is season 2 at Chelski. After all that's happened I guess he's a little less welcome around Europe than he was after his first Chelski stint, the shine isn't quite what...
  9. Martin

    Are you circumcised?

    Hello everyone, welcome to your indiscreet question of the day. This is a very male centric question (sorry about that). What I'd like you to answer is this: Are you circumcised? If so, why? what was the rationale given? If you have/planning to have (male) kids, will they be/are...
  10. Martin

    [ITA] Serie B 2014/2015

    He's baaaaaaack! Mark is the new coach of Latina!
  11. Martin

    Will Deschamps remain?

    I think he should. This is the best French team in a decade. He's done some terrific work to reunite the players. Besides which France isn't full of great coaches, he's the best there is despite being a young coach still.
  12. Martin

    The Great Language Game

    It's fun :) What's your score?
  13. Martin

    your ideas matter

    For real, yo. I gotta go to a wedding, now I need an idea for a gift. Give me your cool ideas.
  14. Martin

    what in the f Creepy event is creepy.
  15. Martin

    say goodbye to Ballmer

    He's quitting. Here is a best of video reel: :weee:
  16. Martin

  17. Martin

    The very short printer thread

    @Sheik Yerbouti Samsung SCX-3400. Laser/scanner thingy. It even works. :cheesy:
  18. Martin

    Italian thread

    Per cominciare ecco qualcosina per farvi del male :P
  19. Martin

    Anyone still remember Linux?

    Saw these two articles today: I've been feeling fairly pessimistic about the desktop lately, I'm still on ubu 11.04 with gnome2 cause I can't stand Unity and I gave up on KDE a long time...
  20. Martin

    Youtube: to watch later

    We have a long running thread for videos of cats riding skateboards and all the other wonders of random and amusing content. So let's have this one for pearls of Youtube that probably take more than 5 minutes to watch yet provide a little more lasting value. I'm starting this one with...