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    The Countdown

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    Grenade attack in Liege, Belgium

    Horrible :( R.I.P. to the slain, and hopefully those injured may recover.
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    Area 12 Torino Commercial (with Marchisio, Sørensen, Pirlo)

    Not that it's extremely entertaining or anything, but if you're a fanboy, like myself, you'll appreciate it :D
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    Vieri sues former club Inter? This piece of news is just a couple of hours old and leaked from "NTB" and appears in the Norwegian "VG nett". I have no idea if it's serious or not as I haven't read about it elsewhere. It says that Vieri will sue Inter for 21 million euros (170...
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    I just heard that Deschamps...

    talked to Cobolli on the phone and told him he'd love to lay his fat stomach on me while i am dressed as a gimp boy shouting "i am delpie"
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    Zamparini: The referee had been got to

    Well well well.. Don't know if there's any truth to this, but to me, right now, it seems that what we have been saying for so long starts to show.. We have gone down to Serie-B for absolutely no reason. The Serie-A is still crooked, at least according to this man. Zampa in new quit threat...
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    A rising superstar? This little fella really impressed me
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    New sponsor: New Holland

    According to La Stampa, we have a new sponsor, providing 14 million per season. The deal is somewhat complicated as well, the way I understand it, and I'm not fully aware of all the details. Hopefully, someone here can translate. Investimento di 14 milioni a stagione, ma soltanto per le gare...
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    Mascherano Anfield career off to a great start!,16368,2483_1904078,00.html Mascherano on his move to Liverpool: "I consider myself a Red Devil" :howler:
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    John Charles

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    Gamla Vet

    Gamla Vet, Gamla Vet :smoke:
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    Pietro Rava dies

    Rava mourned by Juve and Italy Sunday, 5 November 2006 Pietro Rava, the last survivor of the Italy side which won the 1938 FIFA World Cup, died on Sunday at the age of 90. Distinguished career Rava, who had battled with Alzheimer's disease in recent years, had undergone surgery after...
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    Crazy man laughing

    So what do you think guys? :pumpkin: Was he watching Inter vs Bayern in the Champions League? :D
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    Lippi reveals tactics

    Lippi talks tournament tactics By Phil Jackson - Created on 27 Oct 2006 Italy's World Cup winning coach Marcello Lippi believes teams must be able to adopt several different systems if they are to be successful. The 58-year-old Tuscan is the only manager in the world to have led teams...
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    What the hell is wrong with our board?

    I'm gutted and distraught.. This is shocking: Lawyer: Juve deserved C Thursday 26 October, 2006 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Juventus lawyer Cesare Zaccone believes that club were fortunate to escape being demoted to Serie C for...
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    Ken Bates: F*** Chelsea

    Ken Bates has promised fans that Leeds will be compensated for the alleged tapping up of their players by Chelsea. In a News of the World article Bates was filmed talking to fans outside Elland Road. In a video recording, Bates spoke about his desire to "f***" Chelsea after accusing...
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    Watch this god damn it :touched: FORZA JUVE!!
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    Shots fired at Montreal College - 20 injured

    A gunman has been killed after shooting and injuring at least 20 people - three seriously - at a college in the Canadian city of Montreal. Had previously thought that there were victims but was glad to learn that it was not the case. Still a...
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    Vieira Interview

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but.. Vieira has been in Norway for a couple of days and on this page is a video of him stating that he would like to leave Juventus.
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    Make a movie

    Ok boys and girls, lets see what you can do, lets have ourselves a movie making competition! :pumpkin: Here's my great movie debut: