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  1. Dinsdale

    Defining or interpreting god?

    There is a lot of confusion regarding the definition of god. And it's this confusion that makes atheists think they can righteously say to theists (defined in the most broad sense of the word here) that god doesn't exist. But actually, god does exist if you're assuming causality*. What most...
  2. Dinsdale

    A little thought experiment

    Seriously think about this before you answer, and please don't nitpick the details of this hypothetical situation as the fundamental question should be obvious. Imagine your country is going through the biggest economical recession ever. Within a very short time period, you and everyone else...
  3. Dinsdale

    Does God exist? (William Lane Craig vs Peter Atkins debate)

    The purpose of the debate is explained in the first part of the video. Very interesting...
  4. Dinsdale

    The Science Thread

    Here you can post articles/multimedia you find interesting regarding any science, with science defined very freely. Physics, biology, chemistry, geography, linguistics, history, psychology, economy...It's all good. I'll start off with something very light: string theory (please, no cheesy...
  5. Dinsdale

    Belgium's political crisis for dummies

  6. Dinsdale

    Know your world?

    Hooray for geography!
  7. Dinsdale

    Music videos

    Although it seems hard to find an interesting music video on tv these days, I'm sure a lot of you guys still remember some videos you love. I think music videos can be true works of art. Some I just came to think of: (what can I say - it's a cult video) (love the atmosphere and...